Travel Occupation!

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‘What are you doing right now?’

‘Talking to you!’ I know what exactly is the question, but I never prefer to answer like flowing water!

‘No, I mean are you studying or doing some work?’

‘Oh like that?’ Yaa you can stand stronger thinking you are way too intelligent.. ‘I work’.

‘What job are you at?’

As if, my one sentence answer will be enough for you to understand..’I work for the travel industry.’ I know the next set of questions as well (not because I am writing this blog, it’s a genuine situation I face every time!!)

‘Oh, Which company?’

‘You won’t know the name, It’s not a anyone to know kind of company, even Travel industry has different division.’ You don’t want to embarrass yourself trust me!

‘Yes but the company will have a name?’

Oh you bet, otherwise how did it manage a legal presence! I say the name and wait for them to utter it in their own head to recall, if by any fortunate chance they have come across this name, and I’m laughing out loud inside my head looking at their face, the all of a sudden standing stronger pose is gone with snap of finger moment. Not that I didn’t warn them!

‘So what does this company do?’ You want to get into more details? That will make me roll on the floor and laugh louder (of course inside my head)!!

‘It’s a DMC.’ I know, what an intolerably lofty person I am!! But someone is boosting my energy cells and I am like a sponge!!

‘Oh, Ok’ Even the people facing me aren’t despaired.

But I have a bigger heart, though I sip in the clueless expression of those lovely people like a chilled juice, I stretch the conversation a bit more deliberately now, ‘It means Destination Management Company.’ They want to get inside a cocoon now and zip it up from inside because now it’s a mish mash by a flop DJ!

‘Right.’ What a spirit! Even I can carry this game and shout the checkmate to you.

‘I work on the B2B division of this Industry chain and specifically deal with agents.’ I show more mercy, and after this I usually don’t intend to speak more about my job profile.

‘Wow that’s interesting isn’t it?’ Firstly you are still dying to ask more question to understand my job portfolio, but you dare to get more confused; and you are asking me whether my job is interesting or not??

This is a set pattern of conversation when somebody asks me what do I do and whats more, it gets wacky when the non working people , I mean on professional ground, ask me this questions.

Note: This is just for light reading purpose, as criticism won’t enlighten anything good in the writer, which is me of course, and for sure the people who have been bedeviled with my guilt free smile and words, still talk to me with every bit of kindness, only they don’t ask anything about my work. That’s a ‘no entry without a VISA’ zone!!

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