Memory of leave application for Holiday..

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It’s been 2 months that I am back from my first ever solo trip, and I already have started losing my focus from my daily boring routine, I just want to run away to some where else. Factually whenever I am not travelling, which is the major portion of the 12 tired year, that non- travel period is a diabetic patience’s food for me.

The calculator and Bank statement has been generous till now and they showed their thumps up in the air. But the problem is ‘B’ factor. As B for Bank result is positive, for working people, there is another ‘B’ factor, which is lot bigger and fidgety than the previous one; it’s the ‘BOSS’ factor.

A working person needs a leave approval from their Beloved Bosses before thinking of the word ‘Holiday’ (If you are having any question; Yes, I don’t wish for my boss to reads this post ever). In my case, I was to ask for my next big PL just in a 2 months time span, Not sure whether I am being unthinkingly audacious or unnecessarily undervaluing my always very humble Bosses. Whatever it is, I had to cough the fur balls out.

‘Good Morning, How are you’ asked my Boss in his always pleasant manner, and no matter how sooner we spoke last time, my boss addresses me the same way (this is a general statement just to talk about my boss, this is no criticism!)

‘Hi Akshit, I’m good, how are you today?’ I asked as usually always happy to ask back

‘Good, tell me?’ He asked very casually.

‘Akshit, I was thinking will I get a 10 days holiday on next month?’ No, I didn’t apply for the holiday straight away, I decided to discuss it first, well applying for leave and seeing them getting rejected, is like getting red mark on school report card, I can’t think of it!

‘Didn’t you just come back from a holiday 2 months back’? I could see my walnut brain nodding her bulgy dome expressing, ‘as anticipated!’

‘Well, I still have plenty of leaves left for this year and before the season starts I was thinking to take a chunk of them and get recharged!!’ telling the truth is the best option in such cases at least for a hopeless liar like me.

‘Hmm, when you are planning to go?’ His tone is still casual and unchanged, which is reliving, actually he has never been on micro-phone with me, at least that’s what I assume!

‘I was thinking during Christmas’ said I

‘See, Christmas will be difficult as you know there are many Catholics in the office, may be you pre-pone your dates? is that possible?’ Oo that was easy!!

‘Mm, I will have less time to plan for it, but let me see, I will let you know then?’ In my mind I am very sure this plan is gone.

‘Whenever you are ready, let me know’

I had to go for a holiday, otherwise earth should stop moving, but planning a 2 weeks trip in 10 days would be difficult as flight tickets would be expensive and My plan was to go somewhere warm. Then I remembered something and I had to put forward my final plan.

‘Hi Akshit, Do you have two minutes?’ I called back Akshit after 2 days of thinking the new travel dates.

‘yes, tell me.’

‘See, December 1st week will be way too less time to plan my trip and flight fares are coming equal to my entire budget of the trip. So can I take this plan to Jan 2nd week and that time my parents will also go for holiday, so it will be easy for me to go then’ My parents would go to Gujarat for their yearly vacation and no way I wanted to go with their senior citizen group, where I am the only ‘kid’ travelling.

‘What are the dates?’ I gave him the dates, he made a note and said, ‘ok give me 10-15 minutes, I will ask Big Boss and let you know.’

The next half an hour went by taking back to back on calls where I didn’t get a chance to think of Akshit’s decision. After 30 minutes, I saw a call alert from him, just after 8 minutes of our last call.

I called him back, ‘ Akshit you called?’

And the next moment I was ready to plan my trip, I will go to Kerala this time..

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