Kerala- Buoyant solo trip..

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Kerala has always been a dearly destination for me, I had been there few years ago with my parents, and then I had very blur vision of roaming on the Streets of Kerala alone. Well making them true was never the plan, neither I dreamt off .. But if it has to happen, it will happen. Isn’t it?

Kerala was my second solo trip, now how i manage them, what is the reaction of my very friendly but otherwise strictly parents? That I will tell in my next post. So, being my second trip I wanted it to be better than the first and more attached with the local essence, may be I mean to say adventurous. I somehow feel very uneasy to call myself adventurous, not that anybody has told me that being adventurous is underrating!

For me, knowing a place best, is possible only when I explore it my way and my very own way is comfy shoes, lose clothes, phone in the hand and walk around freely. The best part of this ‘God’s own country’ is, it’s humanly, where people are kind, concerned and friendly. Talking with the locals, travelling their way had been hassle free and so Kerala like.

I had travelled to some less popular off beat places, spent the entire day travelling there and went without having much information, encountered some unseen cultural celebration, or saw some remote villages outside my state, which was so different as an experience. I didn’t have to ask for permission to anyone, or no ‘don’t go there’, ‘don’t do this’, ‘I won’t eat there, let’s go somewhere else’ embarrassment, It was me with my own half-planned long trip.

A trip to Kerala is very organically mind contenting, even without spending on those ayurvedic treatment or Yoga classes the soul finds a serenity. And the Keralian food, unignorably is a sudden adrenaline fall on the taste buds.

Above all, Kerala is in my ‘once again’ list because this place is so safe and sound for tourists. being solo female traveller, I never had to worry of my wearings, being walking on a lone street in the evening, Kerala is the state, where everybody has one gender, which is being human and the place is for the Tourist, of the tourism and by the tours.

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