Fooling for Travel..

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One of my favourite host was about to announce the winner of the season and I was watching the show on television with my brain laid back, as this was my final and finally some lolling time on the last few hours of a Sunday evening, because after 4 hours it will be the Monday mourning day..

‘You know I still have to buy the matching necklace and earrings for 2 of my Sarees and some matching locket sets with the salwar suits and Durga puja is just 2 months away, there’s so much left to finish my Puja shopping!!’ My mom almost blew on me while folding the clothes and keeping them in the cupboard.

For sure, by then I had missed all the conversation between the host and the contestants, I was only pretending to watch the TV with all attention and was only looking at the expression of the participants, where as my ears were could only here the sweet bell ringing upon me, because if mom wants you to listen to her, she makes sure you do listen to her and can’t escape missing a single letter of her long sentences.

‘Yes we will go next Saturday, we still have time.’ I said to wrap the conversation for then as fast as possible.

‘It only looks like two months, but I still have lot of things to buy!! ‘ Your grandma’s saree, then the matching blouse and petticoat, your aunt’s dress material, your brothers’ shirts, Kreeti’s Salwar suits, my shoes and.. oh! I also need a hand bag this year, and yes some bangles at the theater road mall… ‘ I thought the list was over for now.. ‘And, your papa’s trousers to be given to the tailor, and we have to buy his T-shirts for his birthday, and you only have one Saturday in an entire week to go on shopping with me, so two months are not enough!!’

The list seems decently tiny to me Maa, you should add some more.. I was itching to utter these words but could only say ‘ Don’t worry, we will manage.’ As I still had a chance to catch up with the show

‘I hope we do manage in this time, but till we do, I will be worried, I have to complete my shopping before Mahalaya. After that I don’t want to step to that shopping procession streets.’ And she won’t stop just like the other days when I want to garage my brain and my loving mom by default wants to have her ‘Maa-Beti’ time right then..

‘Bubli, listen I can’t make calls from my mobile, and the messages are not showing on my phone’, another obvious entry in the scene now, by this time my favourite reality show has put the shutter down for this week, and I am trying to find a good movie, surfing the channels; and my innocent father comes to me with his Nokia key pad phone, (Using a mobile phone is way too smart for my Papa than using a ‘smart phone’ which is a NASA invention in his opinion) and wants his acute serious problem to be resolved at that very moment.

‘Your mobile balance need to be recharged. And the inbox is full, so messages need to be deleted.’ I said with ice cold voice, after the entire day’s household drudgery I truly wanted some stretched out moments..

‘Ok, I will recharge tomorrow then, delete all the messages from my inbox. I told you many times teach me to delete messages form my inbox, you don’t have time only!! And you can’t teach also!’ He started grumping.

That’s the standard answer my papa has for me no matter how many times I have taught him and after some attempt my patience has given up, not that I have a lot of it.. I chose to keep quiet and did whatever he asked for..

The core of my heart/ brain, I wasn’t sure of it, was squawking to me.. ‘ I need a break from all this. I need a holiday from everyone and everything.. No daily domestic errands, no Saturday shopping, no early morning rising on Sunday.. at least for a week..

‘Yes I understand, but Maa, Papa will never agree to this’ I am in usual conversation with my mind and both the arteries.

‘You are old enough, You are seriously getting old now.. and one day these lively days will bid good bye to you.. Take chance and take a leap of faith..’ My mind has become adamant now.

‘I know but, what will I tell them? I have never lied to them that too such one big you know?’

‘Get technically diplomatic then.. You have to be ready for this and If you are, things will fall in place, just like the ice creams in the molds!!

‘You are right, I have to be ready, But I don’t know whether I am or not! Can I do it? Isn’t it way to dangerous? How will I manage?’

‘There was no answer form the other end.. I waited, but nothing. I realized, I have to say yes to myself, I have to be confident and I can manage because I CAN..

And I will take help of a little lie to fulfill my dreams and I will be safe and sound…

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