Holiday from everyone..

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It’s been 2 days since I could give some visible alphabets to my irritation,’ I need holiday from everyone and everything‘.. I could clearly realize for some weeks now, the frequent change in my temperament, hardly any presence of my patience, and very strangely I was just not being happy!! And that’s scary as being happy is the very first necessity for me to do any other thing in life. I had to get away from my very known domestic surroundings, I had to know something new which I haven’t given any importance before…

I closed my eyes, I heard waves, slight huffing roar of water, I could feel the gentle cool air fanning my hair, there were bright blue sea shining upon the yellow sun, the sand seemed very hot under my feet, I saw the ocean and I know Beach would be the destination, but am I still sure of it, do I really want to travel alone?

There was still this question of hesitation and answer of motivation going on with my mind.

I was almost sure of this and desperately wanted to escape from my daily same old routine. The best part to get rid of this doubtfulness was to make a definite arrangement. Hence, after few repetitive finger withdrawal from the key board, I finally booked my flight ticket, and nothing can stop me now..

I had booked my flight tickets 2 months after, hence I had ample time to plan on my stay, tours, local expense and also to work on the excuse I had to give to my parents to make it sound genuine and no where close to alarming to the central zone of their brain.

But these 2 months’ resfeber was invigorating, quite longer than usual and restless. And when the last final days arrive, specially it’s about packing for the holiday, the blood streams faster than usual in the body and eagerly wait for the stepping out from house moment to finally live the long seen dream.

How was this secret travel plan? Did it pay off my zeal to escape? will I think of doing it again? I still have 18 alphabets to go, so will continue somewhere..

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