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‘Have you checked what all places we need to visit in Hyderabad?’ asked my mum while picking her clothes for the holiday. The bed is already scattered with all travel necessities, papa’s clothes, dry foods, flip-flops wrapped in plastic bag, medicines, a backpack and the huge suitcase to fit in all our clothes in it.

‘Yes Mum’. I did, as I always do before going for a holiday, Internet use is permissible for this.

‘Note names of some good saree shops, I have to buy an Ikkat or some Hyderabadi silk Sarees.’ My mother started dreaming of the colour combination she wanted for her Saree. Must be a Royal green with broad Maroon red border and slight work of Golden Zari or may be a Tarquoise Blue with Silver border and no other zari work.

‘Ook’ I said making my own final list for the trip. ‘ We will also got to the restaurants to try some biryani.’ I added gleaming with sparkling eyes.

‘Biryani?’ My mother inquired.

‘Yes, Hyderabad is famous for it’s biryani. I want to try it, also I want to try Haleem and Irani Chai.’ We are having my kind of conversation.

‘Ok, what else is there? I won’t have halim, not interested’. My ‘oh not so foodie’ mum told me. Doesn’t matter, I will try the foods I want to, in Hyderabad, it’s going to be amazing.

‘Chaat, may be.. ooo and we have to buy Naan Khatai from Karachi Bakery, they are very famous.’ I was searching on the internet for some more information. For me Food talks for a place, It has age old stories to share to every emerging generations , aroma to allure the grockles across the borders, and a fulfilling bubble gum tongue who will always remember the holiday by it’s taste.

A holiday is half-hearted , if there is no local street food or fine dining at local chef’s. The best part of being foodie is being hedonist, A foodie can even place a Handi full of lamb Biriyani on top of the Charminar.

Food and human emotion is two end of the brain, if you ask me. Love for local food can make you fall in love more, with your own native cuisine. If given a deep thought, one may agree with me or if taken at simple explanation, you tend to spend less if eaten local at global..

What say??

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