My Budget Travel Guide to off -beat ANDAMAN- To North of Port Blair- Travel to Diglipur And Mayabunder- Part III

** the reason for 2 nights stay is you have to pay for the car on a daily basis, which can be a bit expensive, also food can be an issue if you are fussy about it.

Travelling to Diglipur from Port Blair VIA Baratong:

You have to start really early in the morning, 4 am in the morning (trust me it’s worth) start the engine of your car, as you got to reach as early as possible to reach the ferry terminal to cross river on the way to Baratong. There are only 2 convoys going every day, one at 7 am in the morning, next at 11 am and for which there will be a long queue of cars/ buses/ trucks which will cross the river by boat, and only 2 boats are crossing the vehicles and passengers alternatively (it’s a very systematic process which takes a little time, which is why one has to arrive early to join the fleet as ahead as possible), all these practice is a well thought plan to control air pollution so please have patience while you wait for your turn in the wait list.

Then there is a drive of around 75-90 minutes from the jungle, which is a real scene. All cars will go one after the other, no overtaking, driving speed not above 40 km/h, and it’s like a line of caterpillars are moving under the shade of dense green towering woods, on a snake like curved road. Better to be somewhere in the middle of the convoy, i could see the line moving before me and another long belt coming behind me (which also made me feel very important, though in reality nothing as such). Oh yes, you will surely be lucky to see some Jarawas on the way, seeing those giggling teensy jarowa kids makes you smile naturally. Upon arrival to Baratong, have some breakfast (mostly small house run eatries available) and before proceeding to Diglipur, you can also chose to have a tour of Baratong ( no tour operates on Monday at Baratong) before moving ahead to Rangat. you have the option to visit the natural Mud Volcano and lime stone cave in Baratong.

Things to see in Baratong/ Places to visit in Baratong:

–> Mud Volcano: it’s the only volcano where you can stand on it and can touch the volcanic excretion without turning into ashes, so a small 5-10 minutes is agreeable.

–> Lime stone cave: the separate small boat needs to be hired to go to the lime stone cave.

Your driver will take you the pier, from where the boatman will take you to the cave.

After crossing Baratong, the world around me changed all of a sudden, as if time took me some aeon back, where life is still easy going, un-rushed, people here are living a very simple life yet they are so happy. The journey of this odd 5.30 hours took my mind to somewhere outlandish, incognito perhaps. I had never seen this part of the globe. All of a sudden on our drive amid the lush green forest i could see a stationary shop; after 10 km may be, there is another or 2-3 shops, the locals enjoying a cup of tea, having small talk; then there is one or two thatched house by the road, with one bike and/or a four wheeler kept in the open garage; even many times I could see a bike kept at the side of the road, but no people around, many time a small 6 inches ‘wide’ byroads are lost somewhere in the jungle, our car driver told us those narrow roads would lead to a small village may be another 3-4 km away, cars won’t go to those remote places, hence many people keep their cars on the main road, and “it’s safe” to do that. wow!

Then the road opens into bright sunlight, there is the beach on my right and brown foothills on my left, and the car is driving past the azur beach. Aren’t all these so comforting to the eyes!! I always lose myself somewhere whenever i think of this journey.

As I said before life is very simple here just like rolling on an arm chair, so please go with a blank mind and don’t expect anything, only then this place can give you more, lot more than you can think off. Stopping by to a local tea shop , talking to the locals for a while; or having lunch at a local dhaba (you won’t get very lavish meals here, but for sure you can expect fresh food), the warmth of the people, every single thing touches the soul.

You can stay 2 nights in Diglipur or 2 nights in Rangat or 1+1 in Diglipur + Rangat. As on day 3 you have to start early from Diglipur for Port Blair (may 4-5 am in the morning), from Rangat that starting time can be 7-8 am in the morning, because you can’t miss the 2 convoys per day and here the timings are quite strict.

So usually, the local agents will take you to only Ross & smith island in Diglipur and the Mangrove walk. I will give you some more names, so that you can ask your driver to stop by for some time and go to those beaches at least for some time. Because beaches in Rangat/ Diglipur are more beautiful that other islands. Below are the list:

(Please click on the above link for more details :))

How to go to Diglipur from Port Blair:

The best way to travel to #Diglipur is to take car form Port Blair which may cost 20k to 22k appx. Hotels may cost odd 1000- 2000 per room per night. if anyone thinks to take local buses, it can be a challenge because you cannot stop everywhere, there are 2-3 buses running everyday and if accidentally there is a technical fault there is no assurance when the next bus will come. and there is hardly any local transport available, everyone has their own transport.

What to eat in Diglipur, Andaman:

if you are no hanky panky on foods, then local foods are really good (cost you 100-150 per person even less sometimes) or else you get a variety of available option at the local market, even Maggy cuppa noodles!

Some tip for packing before travel

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