Best Places to visit in #Candisasa- My solo travel guide to Bali; #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Lotus lagoon & Pura @ Candidasa: a huge pond filled with lotus buds and huge round shaped lotus leafs in the mid of the village overlooking the blue sea. The big lemon green leafs floating on the transparent yet blue water is like a picture perfect scene.

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Travelling to Bali on a budget- My travel tips to Bali, Indonesia- #Solotravel to #Bali

#Bali as a destination is very tourist friendly, and travelling across #Bali is quite reasonable. Here is my suggestion on travel, food and fashion for your next trip to #Bali

Travelling locally in Bali:

· Forget Bemos, Ojeks in present day Bali and they hardly exist in the main city and in the small towns, the number is still hardly considerable; as all the houses have as many bikes as the number of members in the family or there are four wheeler in the houses.

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