Planning sightseeing tours of Port Blair, Andaman travel on a Budget

Port Blair: always the first stop of the trip to Andaman

Starting with the capital city, as from where ever you come (until you come by ship), you have to start your journey from Port Blair. There are lot of good hotels to stay in the city. But as we are talking about budget here, i have a very good option— Amit Lodge (+91 9434289106). I love staying here, it’s a very simple home stay, and basic amenities are provided and neat and clean. The best thing is the location. From 2nd floor you see the colour changing sea water, and the city market is at you right about 5 minutes walk away and the famous cellular jail at your left, again just 5 minutes walk away. The fish aquarium is down the street, Rajiv Gandhi Marine Park is another 6 minutes walk away from there. There is one more interesting thin to mention here, but I’ll come to that later*..

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Travel Guide to Andaman on a Budget – Travel in and around Port Blair- Part I

The sorties of #Andaman went about centuries before, when it made a golden mark in history. Of course we know about how East Indian Company came to India, gradually made their naval base in here, turned these island into an ordeal to any commoner. “Kalapani”, what they used to call these distinct lands.

But long gone those British rule, and after independence Indian government declared these islands as one of the Union territories of India. Together these archipelagos of islands are called #Andaman And Nicobar islands.

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