My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Koh Kong

Another small eccentric town by the river further south of Battambang. My next stop after Battambang was Koh Kong, and it was quite a journey, Not a troublesome though, it was actually a long journey to keep it simple.

Actually, let me tell you in detail in case you haven’t gone through the earlier posts on Battambang. All the cities in Cambodia are well connected with Phnom Penh in the first place. If you are coming to Siem Reap (even if you go to Battambang, the same applies) and you want to journey down south, you have to go VIA Phnom Penh. From Phnom Penh, all the places barring north or south, will take minimum 6 hours to reach considering light traffic. So if you are coming from North or vice versa, take a Night Bus to Phnom Penh, then take the connecting bus to the next destination.

You don’t have to worry much about it, the Bus companies or the hotels/hostels/guesthouses (better let your accommodation arrange this, you, by this get picked up by the transport company from your hotel to Bus Station) will do a combined ticket for you. And upon arrival in Phnom Penh, the local transport office will help you to connect with the next bus. Transportation generally isn’t a huge problem in Cambodia. In case of any doubt, do speak to the people, they are helpful.

** Such Combined Bus tickets cost about 20-22 USD PP.


So Koh Kong is another small, quiet town and very simple in it’s appearance. Most of the cities residing by the river in Cambodia has their river side to be the most celebrated places by the end of the day. The promenade by the river is quite long stretched. And a walk during dusk before devouring into some good food is a great activity isn’t it? On a clear weather, the sunset on the river crowded by docked vessels of fishermen still manages to look so earthy and beautiful.

There is also a daily market at one side of the river, the night market or street food market starts at the right side of the promenade if you are looking over the riverfront. At the other side of the road, overlooking the river, there are few good restaurants (food is little expensive here than Siem Reap or Battambang, 4-6 USD per person per meal) that serve really gaudy food. The street food market on the other side has a great variety, you can choose your seafood option, and they make a dish as per your choice. At least once you must try the street food.

I was told by someone that if I wanted to enjoy some wild and untapped greenery and a glorious natural beauty, I should give a visit to Koh Kong. With such advocacy, I had included this place in my itinerary, and I am ever thankful to that kind heart for this Honest suggestion.

Stay in Koh Kong:

Try to stay as close to the riverside as possible, the city doesn’t appeal much apart from the early evening fish market where I spent a few minutes taking a few pictures and scrutinizing the local fresh catch of the day.

There are a few small Bed & Breakfast available by the river which is completely on a budget (starting from 8-10 USD per room per night), there is also Asia Hotel by the river (But can’t give you much information on the service part though), and just a 5 minutes’ walk away from the river is Hotel Apex Koh Kong, preferred by many budget travelers (during my stay, the hotel used to be full every day!).

Duration of Stay in Koh Kong:

As per me, 2-3 nights would be good enough in here. Though many people use this place just for a night’s stay, if they are coming from Thailand or vice versa. But I will say give a few days here to know this place.


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