Healthy Cream Cheese Sandwich

Cheese and Bread are quite a mighty match since the time they were invented. Raw sliced cheese in between pieces of bread, Grilled cheese sandwich, or a compact cheese sandwich with assorted meat and salad between two pieces of huge thick bread.. Whatever you choose, whatever you can garner in between the slices, Sandwich hardly goes wrong with anything you can think of.

Cream Cheese is almost a fat-free cheese and as I have posted before, it’s so easy to make it at home. So instead of some dessert, this time I tried something tangy & little spicy with another fresh bowl of home-made Cream Cheese. The easiest was to try it on a fuss-free sandwich. Sounds exciting?

Let’s know everything quickly then:


  • Whole wheat bread or Whole grain bread
  • Cream cheese
  • Chopped vegetable: Carrot, Capsicum, Tomato, Onion (You may choose whatever you feel like, Boiled chicken, corn, Zukini, read-yellow Bell pepper, Lettuce leaves, fresh coriander leaves etc)
  • Salt- Black pepper
  • Italian seasoning Or any other seasoning you prefer
  • You may also Use some butter which I skipped
  • Ketchup or your choice of Salsa as a condiment
  • Don’t worry at all about the proportion, that doesn’t matter here at all

How to Make:

Are you scoffing at me now? I mean I guess you are thinking ‘how difficult it is to understand hereafter?’ right? Actually, there’s nothing to do at all now!! Sill let me not keep it unfinished.. Few more minutes okay?

  • It’s kids’ stuff as you already know it.. So take a bowl, mix the Cream cheese (I prefer to use more cheese than the vegetables, I like the cheese dripping at the end while biting at the sandwich!!), vegetables, salt-pepper, seasoning and give them a good mix.
  • Take the bread, you may spread some butter on it, then add a generous amount of the cheese filler on a piece of bread, cover it with another bread and put it in the sandwich maker for the bread to get toasted. And take it out once you are happy with the colour or the crust of the bread
  • IN CASE, you don’t have the sandwich maker.. It’s NO PROBLEM at all… Take a heated pan, add some butter, toast the bread on it from both sides, and that’s it.. It’s yumm in either way..
  • Even if you have a sandwich maker at home, you still may try the second option of toasting the bread with butter on a heated pan.. You will be snogging only your sandwich after this!!

Ok Now, I had some leftover cream cheese filler, and I had an extra Roti (flatbread/ you may use tortilla) in the kitchen, I just used them both and got this crispy taco!! Can I be a little honest with you? I loved this more!!

How easy life can get.. isn’t it? When you can eat good, which you can call healthy & tasty and you hardly shed a sweat making them!! Leave some comment please Guys, and tell me whether you like this post or do you like cream cheese at all? I love to hear from you…

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