Healthy Bombay Vada-Pav

I was randomly surfing some channels on the television, and I came across a cookery show by one of my favourite chefs, Mr. Jamie Oliver on one of my favourite channels! I love the way this chatty chef makes cooking so easy, casual and so inspiring for anytime home cooking. He was experimenting with a lucratively healthier version of the famous street food of Mumbai, the Vada-Pav. In simple words, it’s kind of burger but with twisty and tangy Indian spices throughout every bite.

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Healthy Cream Cheese Sandwich

Cheese and Bread are quite a mighty match since the time they were invented. Raw sliced cheese in between pieces of bread, Grilled cheese sandwich, or a compact cheese sandwich with assorted meat and salad between two pieces of huge thick bread.. Whatever you choose, whatever you can garner in between the slices, Sandwich hardly goes wrong with anything you can think of.

Cream Cheese is almost a fat-free cheese and as I have posted before, it’s so easy to make it at home. So instead of some dessert, this time I tried something tangy & little spicy with another fresh bowl of home-made Cream Cheese. The easiest was to try it on a fuss-free sandwich. Sounds exciting?

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Peanut Butter Sandwich

There are days when you want to have something tastilicious but you are either running out of time or you are simple as lazy as I am all the time.. Sorry was that rude? I know there can be no one as uncouth as me to be this kind of lazy!!! So right you are.. Hence considering the first reason being very agreeable, that there are days when you don’t have time to prepare a wholesome meal, but even then you don’t want to compromise on the nutrients part.. I sometimes find this Peanut Butter Sandwich very handy in such cases.

Now you may ask, what’s so special about this sandwich than you usually make? Nothing!! I am just seconding your choice saying that ‘Me Too’.. and trying to inspire few others who may be like you and me, hadn’t thought of this choice yet.. So we are good now??

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