Peanut Butter Sandwich

There are days when you want to have something tastilicious but you are either running out of time or you are simple as lazy as I am all the time.. Sorry was that rude? I know there can be no one as uncouth as me to be this kind of lazy!!! So right you are.. Hence considering the first reason being very agreeable, that there are days when you don’t have time to prepare a wholesome meal, but even then you don’t want to compromise on the nutrients part.. I sometimes find this Peanut Butter Sandwich very handy in such cases.

Now you may ask, what’s so special about this sandwich than you usually make? Nothing!! I am just seconding your choice saying that ‘Me Too’.. and trying to inspire few others who may be like you and me, hadn’t thought of this choice yet.. So we are good now??

There are various ways to make a Peanut Butter Sandwich isn’t it? What I prefer is to make it in as healthy as possible way. I make my peanut butter at home always, which keeps it any preservative or added flavour free. First let me tell you what I do.

  • Take roasted peanuts, peel the skin (just take handful of peanuts, rub them between your palms, and the skin gets separated, it’s a little untidy job but it’s okay)
  • Put the roasted the peanuts in to the grinder, and grind the peanuts, keep stirring the peanut with a spoon in between, after every 5-6 seconds, till the solid nuts are changing it’s form to sticky oily butter. And it’s done; fresh, Home-made Peanut butter, ready to eat with whatever you want!


While making this sandwich, I try to keep my ingredients bare minimum (as it is you hardly need anything) and surely as healthy as possible. I take Whole wheat bread or whole grain bread, Fresh ripe banana, spoons full of home made peanut butter and few pieces from dark chocolate bar.

Here’s what I do; take the breads, spread generous amount of peanut butter on them, arrange thinly sliced banana and some grated dark chocolate on it. Then top the banana filled bread with another piece of bread which is also quoted with peanut butter. Luckily I have sandwich maker, so just put the big bunch on the grill and let it toast. Once I am happy with the colour of the bread I take it out, cut it into half so that it’s easy to bite them and not smudging my lipstick… Isn’t that super easy?? Below is one more variation I am sharing which also, I love to try.

*** In case you don’t have sandwich maker, then take a pan, heat it, add some butter on the pan and lightly toast the bread from both sides on it, OR you may brush some butter on the outer top of the bread and toast them on the pan on medium heat.


For this one also, I use Whole wheat bread/ whole grain bread, fresh banana, little butter & very little olive oil (or oil of your choice), spoons full of home made peanut butter.

First on a moderately heated pan, I put little margarine or butter and little oil to stop the butter form burning, then I lay sliced bananas flat on the pan, and fry them till they are turning little brown from the edges. Then I quote the bread slices with peanut butter, arrange the bananas on it, then cover the banana top with another slice of bread well quoted with peanut butter. Then I put them on the sandwich grill and let it toast till I am happy with the crust. And then I am ready to gorge…

*** In case you aren’t fond of peanuts or allergic to it, You may try it with Almond butter.

Easy? Like Zumba? Which version is your favourite? DO you also make peanut butter at home? Come on.. throw me some light here…

Inspired by @Allrecipes

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