Restaurant review: The Denmark Tavern

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Healthy Oats Halwa

Hope you read about my brave-heart move of turning lustful Indian dessert into harmless undefiled beauty. Then I took my taste-hunt little more ahead.. may be more than the ‘little more’.. I tried this halwa with Oats!! Yesss!!

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Healthy Sooji Halwa

Weekends are my #FoodPost time. But the next 4 weekly food posts starting from this Saturday will be slightly special. I am featuring my Healthy Food Posts on Blogchatter’s October fest. As per a typical Indian tradition any good work should start with mithai (Sweet), so I decided to start this fest with a dessert recipe.

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Peanut Satte Ramen Bowl

Noodles are my very favourite, there are few food I don’t need any particular reason or occasion to have them. Noodles are one of the top in chart, and I love trying new recipes with them. A big round bowl with noodles and ladles full of scented hydrous broth is something sets my heart gliding above the clouds..

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My Easy Dal Fry

There are times when my mum and I both are admittedly clueless of the menu for dinner, which is more precisely about the curry to be served with Roti for the night!! And she has a simply theory to apply at that time.. ‘Listen I am not feeling like making anything.. you think of something!!’ And the ball swiftly rolls on my stained-blank face..

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