Healthy Sooji Halwa

Weekends are my #FoodPost time. But the next 4 weekly food posts starting from this Saturday will be slightly special. I am featuring my Healthy Food Posts on Blogchatter’s October fest. As per a typical Indian tradition any good work should start with mithai (Sweet), so I decided to start this fest with a dessert recipe.

I love sweets, for me nothing can be more holy and pure than having spoons full of this aromatic milky delight. I love the heavenly flavours of Indian sweets and the generous yet astute use of simple or wholesome ingredients in those moms’ special home-made desserts, which are mingled with all their innocent love. However as it is said that LOVE is the fragile glass jar to be handled with care, if not then there are consequences to bear.

As we Indians, have made our love for sweets an obsession for ages, people these days are either running away from this devilicious beauty or there are daredevils like me who are just manipulating these luscious gnarly into taming tenderness. Complicated philosophy in layman’s words, Indians love their desserts and we know how to make it lustful yet harmless.


And my hunt for healthy-tasty recipes are always on.. One such summer evening locked inside the house I was scrolling my finger up and down on YouTube, I was dying to have some halwa, the same Sooji (semolina) halwa my mother used to make when I was a kid. But the irony is that I am not a kid anymore neither I indulge on sugar!! So I had to find a secured way, ‘My’way to pamper this crave. I found a recipe of Semolina halwa with banana!! Whaaat?? I had the same feeling and I am stopping my urge to write any further right here!!

We will now go straight to the recipe, I will tell you what changes I made and once you try it, we will discuss further then. Deal??

Changes I made in the recipe:

  • I shallow fired the cashew nuts, peanuts and raisins in Ghee (clarified butter).
  • In the same remaining ghee I added the Sooji or semolina and keeping the heat low I kept frying the sooji until it started turning light brown. You have to keep stirring till the colour is changing. The light brown colour in the sooji gives it a slightly smoky and nutty flavour and it enhances the taste of the halwa. (I didn’t add much ghee though, ghee adds the flavour, even if you dry-roast sooji on a heated pan, it will start turning brown after sometime.)
  • I added the smashed banana along with jiggery (you may use jiggery powder or coconut sugar). Once mixed well, I added the milk along with 2 cardamoms.
  • After adding the milk, stir gently still you reach to a consistency of your choice.
  • That’s it, serve with the fried nuts and enjoy a bowl full of not high on Sin, wholesome mitha halwa.

Very soon I will also come up with another variance if this halwa, till then do try it at home, and do let me know how you felt after having a bowl full!! (You will have a full bowl of this halwa right??)

Your welcome!!

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