My Friend Alexa 2020- Theme

Well it’s actually not a theme reveal post… more than ‘Follow The Trend’, it’s a #LetsCopyOthers for a matter of fact post!! Or may be, another genuine reason is that I didn’t want to start a destination post this week being October will be busy with Alexa, also I couldn’t think of anything else to write for the week and I have Half a theme ready for #MyThoughtAlexa. If this ‘Half’ theme is displacing your thick-thin well-shaped eye-brows a bit downwards.. well you have to wait for a little while, I have something else to say (write if you are getting into minute detail!) before this. So straighten up those eye-brows first!!

Let’s get back to this time last year for a while (though right now I want to remain in that time for a long time), it was that time when Alexa used to come in September. So by August after many back and forth, weeks of contemplation I went ahead and registered for the campaign, completely aware of my whizzing unawareness that how would I finally manage to put up 8 posts for the month, as the second half of the month I was to be spent running from country to country. And the first half of the month was to be dedicated on the preparation for the holiday.. How often has it been that the head of the family had taken us for a holiday to Europe??

‘I can manage!! Instead of two, I will post 4 per week or I will carry my laptop to the trip, by the end of the day I would put up something.. how difficult will it be?’ assured the serious me to my very own you-don’t-know-the-lazy-devil-yet self…

First two weeks went by shopping, returning, shopping again and finalising on a light grey, lightly padded with hood and front zip jacket. Then the lady of house asked for various chocolates to be bought before she would reach the chocolate epitome and refill her hand-Sack.. I mean Hand-Bag.. Then there was packing, documenting, getting more foreign exchange by manipulating the head of the family.. in a way instead of 4, there was 0 blog posted in the fortnight. But I still had 2 more weeks in hand on a foreign land expecting to write blogs.. 8 in number to be precise.

‘Evenings will be free, and no ironing, pasta making, let’s carry the laptop!!’ even God doesn’t know where this confidence come from when it’s not necessary.

Now switch the scene to airport.. My backpack was full, biscuits, energy bars, sanitizer, phone charger, tissue, passports of all family members, documents’ file with many other absolute travel essentials and still so light to carry.. Because I packed my laptop very nicely and slid it inside the drawer to keep it safe from dust and pollution and came to airport.. Purposefully I plunged for the initiative and with all intention I turned my back from it for the joy of exploring a different world. In a way this is Not my first experience with Alexa but in every way it IS my very first experience with #MyFriendAlexa!! So First timers Cheers with Me!!

courtesy @Blogchatter

Now let’s come back to present. This year September had no intentional travel plan (I am talking about my initial travel plan) for Alexa. Now Alexa has moved to October.. but then where do I have to go Now? So this half theme I mentioned.. I will write 2 different posts every week. Will continue my weekend food post as usually, and on one of the weekdays I will write on Solo Travel.. exactly what? I’m still not sure.. but I keep getting questions on Solo-Travel, so I will try to answer few.. And that’s why it’s half theme.

See you soon @ #MyFriendAlexa

Let’s take blogging to a different dimension with @Blogchatter & @Alexa..

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