Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part IV

No deep breaths, no dim lights or sweet smell of incense today.. We are talking hell serious and a LOT.. which means really a LOT.. So keep all those windows of your room opened (not only those wooden or glass ones, but also the cognitive aspects like thinking, intelligence, judgement or perception etc.), let more fresh air come inside your room.. In case it is evening when you are reading this post then let those wooden or glass windows remain closed and let those macchars fuzz outside.

So we discussed about safety and budget while travelling solo. But there are other things to know and consider seriously before planning your trip… Your SOLO TRIP.

What are the things to keep in mind when planning your Solo-Travel?

Location of hotel: For most the tourists, location of their stay do matter, I try to look for properties close to the central area, so that it’s easy to commute to the main attraction or restaurants or the places to spend the evenings. In such cases everything is just a small walking distance away which also saves the cost of transport. It doesn’t mean that I don’t prefer off-beat places; they are my focal points to travel; on the other aspect I can’t ride a bike (if the same is available for rent at the destination), I need to rely more on my natural pair of hooves, hence my preference for central area of any city, town or village is lot more.

Be Yourself: For me travelling unaccompanied means spending time with myself, giving my marathon life a pause for a very short time, taking care of some loose ends, working on myself at times, stockpile my energies back and finally come back to this real running world. Travelling solo doesn’t mean doing things which I have never been used to of or things out of my comfort zone or presenting myself very cool to others (though that sounds interesting!!). Have a rough or exact plan of which are the places you wish to visit, what you want to see or do. Be open to ideas, suggestions by locals, make changes if you are willing for it; but the decision? That will be completely yours.


Know your boundaries: This sounds a bit rude but Hey.. read till the end before you turn purple!! My point is, enjoy your holiday the way you prefer. Don’t be the wild child you never were (unless that is your goal for travelling solo!) Don’t do things because others are doing it, don’t go to places because ‘they’ are also going; believe in yourself, you will do the best for you. Don’t target to do everything. Solo travel does teach you to be organised, responsible (you already are responsible, but you get better & you will know what exactly do I mean.. Now stop this qualm of argument all the time!!). Try to live in the moment, be yourself or may be try to find you back.

Believe in your Instinct: While travelling with yourself, be your own companion. Listen to yourself, listen to your heart. You may get slightly wrong at times.. that’s a maybe situation but there won’t be anyone else to blame. You may end up ignoring a good restaurant, a good sightseeing or meeting another wonderful fellow traveller but that’s your instinct for that moment, and it’s worthy. Solo-travel for me is not about proving myself right or being the ‘perfectionist’ which I never am; it’s about coming back with lifetime diamond memories.

It’s OKAY to say NO: Keep this TWO letter word as you saviour/ on-time partner or as your strength booster. Yes, you can say NO, You need to say NO, You should say NO as and when it is necessary. Some fellow tourist asked you out for a coffee, you don’t want to go or you don’t like the person, though he seems genuinely a nice person.. DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL.. You don’t want to go, so you don’t have to go and say NO. It’s your holiday, only you will decide how you want to spend your time, for that, be strong as always you are.

Documents: enough of point wise lectures & advises. Few little important things before I wrap this session today, keep copies of your tickets, accommodation (with address, contact details) on your phone and as hard copy. Make a list of documents to be carried like identity proof, passport, air ticket, Visa details, insurance copy, medical documents, prescriptions etc. before packing your bags.

Contact details: Though I did mention this before, guys please keep the contact details of the local police station and the consulate or embassy with you before you are travelling. I promise even I will follow this from next time, I will not ignore this one. And keep in touch with your family all the time.

Guess I covered it all, only one last thing to discuss and then you will know.. What? Till next post.. which will be sooner .. You are coming back right?

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