My Solo Trip to Varanasi, India: Blog Post: 3

What to do in Varanasi- Temples, Forts and Miscellaneous

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I hope you read about the ghats of Varanasi by now.. Hope you found the post interesting, if not that means you seriously need to visit Varanasi once in your life.. you are missing the #realtravel element from your life. Got that?

Okay so apart from the ghats of Benaras, what else do you have to see in Banaras??


What to see in Varanasi:

Lanes of Varanasi:

This is something, is said should not be a miss in Benaras. Narrow, dingy lanes of Varanasi. Aaah what charm!! I have a two-way opinion here.. you have to experience it in any way though (better take a guide), there are a few areas, which are tourist friendly and neat and clean, then there’s a different side as well, dingy; bikes, cycles coming from you don’t know where then wet-rainy seasons are definitely not the time to explore the lanes of Varanasi. This is for sure, but you do come across old houses, their architecture etc.. overall it’s interesting but not ideal for long walks, what if you get lost!! (No you won’t, people will help you to get back on right track).

Durga Mata Temple:

It’s close to the area called Lanka, which is also close to Assi. It’s an old temple of the goddess Durga. You can take pictures inside the temple ground, if not of the deity. You may offer prayers there or just visit the place.

Tulsi Manas Temple:

It’s comparatively a new built temple. You can take pictures of the temple from wherever you want. There is a huge lawn come park all around the temple, you can relax for some time there.

Tridev Temple:

Another newly built temple, dedicated to Lord Brahma- Vinshu- Maheshwara (Shiva). Again photography is well allowed here, even in the evening you may get lucky to get some Prashad from the temple ground.

Sankatmochan Temple:

This temple is dedicated to God Hanuman. Now once you enter here, you are not allowed to carry any big bag, camera, phone etc. they have a locker service, you have to deposit your belongings there (only your small wallet is allowed inside). Tuesday and Saturday the temple is full of worshippers (and in the month of Shrawan, sat-sun-mon-tue get the maximum number of visitors in a week).

*** These Four temples are on the same road, if you start from Durga Mata temple, then at every 5-7 minutes walk towards Lanka gate (one of the landmarks near Assi) you will stop at the other 3 temples.

Hindu University + Kashi Vishwanath temple:

Hindu University.. a city inside a city.. This place is very close to Lanka (no I am not talking about Sri Lanka, there is a ‘Lanka’ in Varanasi, be reasonable) area and from Assi of course. So why a city inside a city.. Hindu University is built on a huge land, though it’s a university, there are people staying inside this university campus area, public transport is allowed inside otherwise it’s difficult to walk from one place to the other inside the university ground itself.

Once you are inside the university complex the entire picture changes, it’s lot calmer, the roads are broader, cleaner; there’s space for pedestrians.. it’s sooo good to be inside this space.

One of the main reasons to visit this university is the Kashi Vishwanath temple (this is not the actual or the one and only Kashi Vishwanath temple, this is a newly built Shiva’s temple,  named also as ‘Kashi Vishwanath Temple’).

There are no restrictions inside the temple (apart from taking pictures of the deities. This temple is also called kasha Vishwanath temple at Bechu).

Now, apart from the temple, the best attraction here is the food stalls outside the temple. SO, feel as hungry- thirsty as you want to feel, there are great great options available at a very very reasonable price. Do eat whatever you feel like. People love cold coffee with ice cream here

*** So you can do the 4 temples explained at first and the university on the very same day, you will need 2-3 hours to cover all. At last, you keep Hindu university if you also want the food tour there.

Ramnagar Fort:

Once a residence of the Maharaja, even today a part of the palace is resided by the royal family. And a major part is turned into a museum; a small part is dedicated as an accommodation for the security people.

The fort is situated on the other bank of the river, but you don’t have to cross the river by boat, there are bridges connecting the two sides of the river. You get an auto to go to Ramnagar fort, if you are not staying close to Assi, you may need to come to Lanka and then change another auto (a tip here: before changing an auto, always ask the driver if he will still go to your destination if he gets passengers ).

The entire tour of the fort takes about 40 minutes. Don’t miss a single corner where tourists are allowed. Inside the museums, one is not allowed to take pictures, but outside within the premises of the Ramnagar fort, there’s no restriction at all. You should definitely not miss the back of the fort which is right adjacent to the river Ganga. The look of the fort, the river, it’s an inexplicable beauty. The view, the sight is just unforgettable.

Entrance fees: RS 75.00 per Indian// Rs. 200.00 for foreign nationals.

The fort closes by 5.00 pm in the evening.

You can also keep Ramnagar fort -> Durga Mata temple -> Tulsi manas temple-> Tridev temple -> Sankatmochan Temple-> Hindu university all together. (you may also do Hindu university before the 4 temples as the temples are open longer than the others.)

All these can be included in one day’s tour plan, there are many other things to do and I have loads to share as well.. But till next time.. Keep reading, do comment and take care…

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