Peanut Satte Ramen Bowl

Noodles are my very favourite, there are few food I don’t need any particular reason or occasion to have them. Noodles are one of the top in chart, and I love trying new recipes with them. A big round bowl with noodles and ladles full of scented hydrous broth is something sets my heart gliding above the clouds..

Though I love soupy noodles so much, I never really tried them at home considering the fact they are super easy to make! But this locked inside the house situation is giving us a lot of space to step out of our comfort zone or showing us the way to create our own new comfort zone.. Whatever it is, as long I am able to get a hold of those invisible signs and letting myself explore more, my tummy is happy!

I recently found the cooking videos by Wil Yeung, and I love his cooking techniques, they are simple, easy to make, give enough confidence to try your new creation.. This Peanut Satte Ramen bowl was my first pick and let me admit here that the peanut factor was the reason I chose this recipe.

I didn’t try to change much, as I wasn’t willing to, I only had to make few addition/ deduction as per the availability of the ingredients in the kitchen. Here’s what I did:

  • I used chopped ginger-garlic in the oil, I am just not getting any mushrooms in my local market these days, so there wasn’t any mushrooms in my bowl. I don’t like tofu, I went for Indian Goat cheese or Paneer as we call it, and I used lots of peanut butter (home made) to make this broth.
  • I had used an aromatic home made vegetable stock, which had bay leaf and star anise and some pepper along with the vegetables seethed in the water for some time. The flavour of star anise went really well with this broth, take my vouch for it!
  • In the serving bowl, in stead of the sugar, I used honey, olive oil (I had previously heated the olive oil with some dried red chili for the flavour and later I discarded the chili), soy sauce; and I added the peanut butter broth in it.
  • I had some amazing fettuccine pasta at home, which I used as noodles.
  • Then for garnishing I opted the chili oil out, and used roasted sesame, lot of chopped spring onions, chopped coriander leaves, chopped peanuts and diced onions. Also I sprinkled some more red chili infused oil on the top.

This one ramen bowl was just not enough for me, it was quenching good for my taste buds..

Warning: If you are someone who loves spice, bright colours on their platter, then this dish may disappoint you as it happened for my parents.. But I really couldn’t understand what was their exact complain as I licked the entire bowl till the last drop of broth and no sesame seed was left too!!

Let me know your thought on this…

Inspired by @Wil Yeung – Cook With Confidence

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