Peanut Satte Ramen Bowl

Noodles are my very favourite, there are few food I don’t need any particular reason or occasion to have them. Noodles are one of the top in chart, and I love trying new recipes with them. A big round bowl with noodles and ladles full of scented hydrous broth is something sets my heart gliding above the clouds..

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Easy Healthy Ramen

Till a year back I wasn’t a fan of ramen noodles at all, they were just an option as instant noodles with spicy taste-makers, for me that too very rarely. I hardly used to consider ramen noodles as part of my any meal or evening snack. So obviously they were never part of my resource or any sort of influence for my healthy food interest.. Until I went for this Cambodia trip!! Every city of Cambodia or may be every food joint in Cambodia, be it a restaurant or a street food shack has different understanding and presentation of noodles.

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