Easy Healthy Ramen

Till a year back I wasn’t a fan of ramen noodles at all, they were just an option as instant noodles with spicy taste-makers, for me that too very rarely. I hardly used to consider ramen noodles as part of my any meal or evening snack. So obviously they were never part of my resource or any sort of influence for my healthy food interest.. Until I went for this Cambodia trip!! Every city of Cambodia or may be every food joint in Cambodia, be it a restaurant or a street food shack has different understanding and presentation of noodles.

Some would serve normal thin long flour made strips which we usually understand as noodles, then some would serve linguine in a soup bowl, some would call fettuccine as stir fried noodles and then there were ramen with fresh prawns. Now I am not complaining on their different concept of noodles, nor I had any problem in their way of presentation or trying them. What I want to say is, all these difference in understanding actually helps us to broaden our own thinking or perception. At times we want to cook things just the way they are, for example I hardly had tried cooking spaghetti without some regular Italian sauce or may be I just didn’t explore the plethora of cooking so far that extensively..

Good for me that I travelled and kept myself open to try to new edibles which helped me learning few apprising things. So coming back from holiday I would want to have those ramen noodles just the way I had in Cambodia, like I wanted to have properly cooked ramen noodles and I got so many options.. I picked 2, while I loved the stir fried, I also wanted to a soupy ramen bowl. Here I am sharing both the details of what I did with these recipes:


  • I got this Maggi Oats noodles (during my childhood, Maggi was the only available brand for instant noodles and till date it is still the most popular like that time), I cooked them for 3-4 minutes in boiling hot water; then drained the water and kept the noodles aside.
  • I took vegetables like carrots, onions, capsicum, beans, Potato (I love potatoes in my noodles, if this is the first time someone is telling you this, then do try once) & some chopped ginger, garlic. Take any vegetable you like, also you may add some chicken pieces like it’s done in the video.
  • On a moderately heated pan, I poured some olive oil, on which I added chopped ginger- garlic, once the aroma of fried ginger-garlic started diluting my nostrils, I added the vegetables, let them cook for a while.
  • Then I added salt, pepper, some tomato sauce, chili and soy sauce, stirred them, then I added the noodles. Mixed them well and it was ready to eat.

This was one way of eating the Ramen, then I tried a slurped version of ramen.


  • On a heated wok, I added some oil. Then I added diced carrots, capcisum and onions.
  • once they were softened, I added 3 cups of water (I used 2 bars of ramen noodles), on which I added little salt, pepper, pinch of thyme, oregano, tomato sauce, little soy and chili sauce and mixed them well.
  • I let the mixer come to a boil, then I added the ramen. I cooked the entire thing for about 4-5 minutes.
  • Once I was happy with the consistency, I took them off the heat and served.
  • For this particular dish, you may use your choice of ingredients and sauce and create your version ramen.

I realised no recipe can go wrong with Ramen as long as you are not going way too out of the capacity of your brain.. Do share some crazy ideas if you have for my new Food- interest Ramen.

Inspired by @BanglarRannaghar

Inspired by @VeganButLazy

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