Wheat Flour Ravioli Pasta

Most of my Saturday nights are absolutely boring if there isn’t any home-made fun food, by which I mostly mean a plate full of saucy Pasta. While spaghetti or tagliatelle or fettuccine are my very favourite and I am sure you will agree that they are very easy to make; but I always used to wonder watching people making so wonderful Ravioli pastas by their own on those cookery shows. Not that, it isn’t possible to go to a restaurant and select a raviloi dish for myself, I was always hoity-toity for the plain flour base used to make the pasta…

May be it’s way too much for ‘what wrong in trying once!’, but somehow it never happened. Currently we are still spending most of our time or all the time inside our house; so naturally my tummy is always kicking for something different every time, especially after sunset.. Is that with you as well?

So the good news is I was searching for some ‘easy’, ‘wheat-flour’, ‘healthy’ ravioli pasta dough recipe.. and.. It was easily available on the web-world!! Estupido!! I ain’t fighting with you, because you are right!! Any which way as it’s a good news, let’s just focus on the making and cooking…

So a wheat flour dough won’t be as fairy like as a plain flour dough, but can you manage with that off-white look or may be a yellow look? Not bad eeh?? I took my dough inspiration and almost the filling inspiration from the video by ‘Plantiful Based’ and here’s what I did:

Ravioli Pasta Making….

Pasta Dough: I took whole wheat flour, added some salt, olive oil and little turmeric in it, and kneaded it with water. Add the water in small quantity and knead them to a soft dough. (in case you have put more water by mistake, add little more flour in it then). Quote some oil on the dough and leave it covering with a kitchen cloth for half an hour.

Spinach filling: I took fresh and nicely washed spinach leaves, cut them into small pieces. On a fairly hot skillet I added some olive oil, chopped garlic (not much, just for a little flavour), I let the garlic to become little brown, then I added the spinach and waited for it to reduce, release water, get soft and finally the wild smell to go. Then, I added some soft grated goat cheese (you may use whatever cheese you prefer), some salt-pepper, Italian seasoning and few spoon of milk to give a creamy test. You may use Parmesan, cheddar or some fresh cream here. After some good stir, once you are happy with the taste, take it off from the heat and let it cool..

Making Ravioli pasta: From the dough I got small pieces and followed the steps shown on the video. Only, if you are making it for the first time, flattening the dough is little tricky at first. You have to roll it thin but not so thin that it tears apart. In case the dough is sticking to the surface or on the roller, then spread little flour on the surface and on the dough while rolling the dough. Just shake off the extra flour from the flat dough before filling with the spinach. Water sticks to the dough nicely, just don’t forget to make those design with a fork, it also acts as a strong lock. Then add the pastas on a salted boiling water. Wait for about 4-5 minutes for the pastas to cook, if you think they need more time, let them boil little more on the water, and that’s it, the main work is done.

Pasta Sauce:

  • I love a dominating touch of tomato on my pasta sauce. So I keep making this one. On a moderately heated pan, add some olive oil, little butter/ margarine, spoonful of chopped garlic, diced onions and tear some fresh basil (I used Indian Basil, I love the sweet smell of them). Let them release their cuddly flavour, become translucent and add few vegetables of your choice and stir for some time.
  • Add a small bowl full of tomato paste (I had boiled the tomato with a bay leaf in some water, then I blended the tomatoes discarding the rest), I let them cook for some time, once the smell of the tomato paste changes a bit, I added Tomato ketchup and milk (1:2// half small bowl of ketchup & fill that same bowl with milk) (don’t worry about the proportion, no matter what, these ingredients never go wrong).
  • Once they start boiling , add salt, pepper, parsley (better if you get some fresh one, I had to be happy with the dried ones), some more Basil. I also added the pastas on the sauce and let them boil all together for some time. You may also add some cheese, I usually substitute it with milk, that’s why all my pasta recipes have milk in it.
  • After putting the heat off, cover the pan giving it some resting time for about 5 minutes and all these are just ready to eat after that.
  • In case you want to know, I love the crunchiness of peanuts with my pasta (actually peanut never goes wrong with any dish), I add a heart-full of them while serving.

I hope you will have a great time trying this dish, if you too were being skeptical in trying this pasta at home..

Pasta dough: inspired by @Plantiful Based

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