Veg Burmese Khow Suey Recipe

My Saturday nights are so incomplete without my long, slurpy noodles on my plate. Most of my Saturday nights actually.. When It comes to noodles, I love trying new recipes, sometimes sticking to the same old, then keep switching among ramen, different pastas like spaghettis, fettuccini, capellini etc. They make my weekend, they are just enough to fulfill my food greed and above all, noodles make me so so so much happy.

I found this easy recipe of Burmese Khow Sue by Varun Inamdar on Youtube, and as it says ‘easy’.. I would surely have been on my toes to try it. Then there is coconut milk used in this recipe, a lot of coconut milk is used here, so I had to try it. This sort of recipe can’t go wrong. Noodles are actually quite a safe ingredient where you can try ample of simple or complicated combination to try different recipes to enjoy a luscious dish. If I talk for myself, I actually made this recipe even simpler by removing few ingredients from the main recipe.. And adding few of my favourites in it!! If you are thinking.. it is Healthy!!

Let’s come straight to recipe then..

Ingredients I used:

  • Curry leaves
  • Basil leaves & few Basil stems
  • Finely chopped ginger & Garlic
  • Chopped Green Chilies
  • Onions Sliced
  • Carrots & Fresh green beans- diced
  • Freshly made coconut milk
  • Turmeric
  • Soya sauce
  • salt-pepper- oil
  • Boiled Ramen
  • For Garnish- Sliced Onions, Chopped dry roasted peanuts, fired crispy garlic

What did I do?

  • Taking a wok or a normal Kadai, add some oil once the pan is moderately heated. Fry few sliced garlic, wait till they turn little brown and take them off the pan and keep them aside.
  • On that same oil, then add few curry leaves, chopped ginger- garlic, green chilies, Onions. Stir for a bit.
  • Add the basil stems, dices vegetables and stir till the onions are turning translucent.
  • Once the vegetables are soften a bit, add the freshly home-made coconut milk and 1/3 of water to the quantity of coconut milk.
  • Add little turmeric, salt, pepper, Soya sauce. Let it boil for few minutes, I did boil the broth for 2-3 minutes than less than a minute.
  • Once done, add few basil leaves and give it few minutes of resting time.
  • It’s now time to Serve.
  • Take a big bowl, add boiled noodles (I used healthy & tasty Oats Ramen here), pour ladles full of broth, as much as you want. Then I garnished the bowl with some onions, fried garlic, chopped peanuts.

You can add anything you feel like, fried onions, coriander leaves, spring onions, leafy greens like spinach, or you may go for zucchini. Your most loved combination of vegies can never go wrong. If you love soup, if you love gravy noodles, noodles with subtle tasty broth.. This recipe will be one of your favourites.

And don’t forget to share a feedback.. I wait to hear from you always… Happy Weekend!!

Inspired by @Rajshri Food – Varun Inamdar

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