Healthy Version of Chelo Kebab

Ask any Kolkatan about what do they think of the ‘Chelo Kabab’, the most expected definite answer will be ‘Peter Cat’!! It’s true you know.. If we talk about the historic restaurant of Kolkata, The Peter Cat, The first thing we mention is the Chelo Kabab and the other way round undoubtedly. It seems like an eternity that this Mecca for any soulful foodie is existing in the city of Joy, and so is their recipe, taste and legacy. Chelo kabab and Peter Cat are inseparable for any Kolkatan.

I was doubting myself till the depth of Indian Ocean when I wanted to gorb those chucky chickens sitting at Home, I mean it’s possible to go to a restaurant now, order food, dine inside the cosy atmosphere, but this precipitous ‘Heathy eating’ idée fixe isn’t letting me live socially!! I am daring more chances and don’t guess, I am telling you.. I decided to make this elaborate platter at home by myself.

SO Chelo Kabab It Is…

When it comes to this dish, there are lot of elements in one small plate, I only took the ones I really wanted to eat and surely easy to make. So I cooked Jujeh (those chunky chicken pieces), Chelo (Rice), Fried Egg and I added some of my own preferred element in the dish. The best part is, these entire dish was light and healthy and tastyyyy…

Let’s Start with Jujeh:

Usually for Jujeh or Chicken, boneless pieces or Chicken breast is the preferred option by master chefs. But as I am, the unskilled home-cook and so fond of the bones, I took chicken pieces with bones (I took about 300 gms of Chicken). Marinate the chicken first:

  • In a mortar and pestle, I took half a teaspoon of Saffron, I used rock sugar (in place of normal sugar) and ground them till they became fine powder. I am not very fond of the smell of Rose Water, hence I used normal warm water.
  • To marinate the chicken, use this saffron water, onion juice (grate the onion and squeeze the juice), salt, crushed black pepper, little turmeric, curd, lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon, lemon juice 1 table spoon and olive oil (not much, 2 table spoon). Mix them well, make sure all chicken pieces are well quoted with the masala mix. (I didn’t smoke the chicken) let the chicken rest like this for an hour.
Chicken Liver:
  • In another bowl, instead of Koobideh or the kabab, I decided to cook some chicken liver pieces. I am sure You love the taste of soft and rich Chicken liver, adding the liver to the dish won’t disappoint you.
  • SO, marinate the chicken liver with ginger-garlic paste or powder, salt, pepper, curd. Mix everything well, and marinate this mix for about 20 minutes or same like the chicken, an hour.

As highly aspiring is my Food crave, the lowest is my intent to cook them… So, once marinated, I took a pan, once it was heated enough, I added little oil and ghee in the pan. Once the pan was gently smoking, I added the chicken & the liver pieces all at the same time and let them cook on medium heat. After about 4-5 minutes once one side of the chicken was charred, flip the pieces and let the other side cook for another 4-5 minutes. That should do for your chicken and liver.

Taking them off the pan, I added little more oil (very little) and sautéed some vegetables. I used Capsicum, onions, tomato. Add little salt and pepper and stir a bit and take them off the heat.

Now comes the Main, the Rice or Chelo. I prefer my rice soft, mushy and melting in the mouth. So I did what I do the best. I went for one pot rice option. In a pot, I added little oil and butter. Adding the rice I stirred it for a bit. Then I added water (no. of cups of rice + (1+1/2) cup more). I used 2 cups of rice, so I used 3+1/2 cups water (if required you may add boiled water later to cook the rice properly). Once the water comes to boil add the salt, bring the heat to low, cover the pot and let the rice cook for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes check the rice, gently stir the rice, cover the pot once again, switch the flame off and give the rice some resting time for about 10 minutes.

Hope I don’t need to tell you How to Fry an egg!! Once done, plate them up and enjoy a sumptuous festive meal. You may add some salad, sprinkle some lemon juice when eating, but all of that is up to you.

This was a great creation, at times I am so grateful to my mulish food crave.. What say???

Inspired by @Bong Eats

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