Healthy Mug Cake Recipes

Who doesn’t love cake? Chocolate cake, swiss frosting, cream cheese frosting, French vanilla flavour, Lamon cake, fruit cake, or plain almond cake. The list is never ending, so are the combination of flavours, icing or frosting.. Then now a days there are shape, theme, grandeur in the name of expensive art being charged on this soft, moist loafs of flour, egg and butter.. But why am I talking about all these?? Nothing.. juts thought of starting today’s blog with some interesting verity!! If you like cakes.. you won’t mind with this introduction.. right? Don’t give that quizzical look, anyway I can’t see it!!

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Healthy Oats Halwa

Hope you read about my brave-heart move of turning lustful Indian dessert into harmless undefiled beauty. Then I took my taste-hunt little more ahead.. may be more than the ‘little more’.. I tried this halwa with Oats!! Yesss!!

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Coffee- Vanilla Smoothie

There are evenings.. Actually it’s most of the evenings that I want to sit with my books with a handy yet a healthy-tasty evening drink in hand and want the entire evening to pass like this. End of story.. Moral: I really wish a swish of a wand will create a dish of my imagination!! But it’s just an impossible wish and I never expect it to come true anyway.. Yes!! Because it’s any which way never possible.. Understood and agreed! Let’s move on Now!!

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Healthy Porridge with some Twists

If I am hungry, it’s a real problem at times. I want to eat something nice and different every time and that is the ‘problem’! I keep looking for new recipes, new ideas, inspiration to caress my orbicular tummy.. I found a video for making easy breakfast and the last recipe of that video was the one which I wanted to try NEVER!! And look at the irony, that was the recipe I ended up making that very evening!! (lesson learnt: never say Never!)

So this Coco porridge I made with some addition to the actual recipe shown on the link shared and let me share the fun tips with you:

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Choco Coffee Smoothie

I love the aroma of coffee but black coffee doesn’t convince me and beaten coffee scares me to sugar. I love chocolate, the dark chocolate to be more specific, but to me, the bitterly ones doesn’t complement the fuller glazing smell of it and the sweet ones are just very sweet for my tongue. then comes, oats; porridge isn’t something I could fancy in my life.. So, I did what I could do best.

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