Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

I looovveee smoothies.. whoever follows my blog, knows it vey well.. Even if you don’t know.. How can you not know by the way!! Okay leave this discussion for now… I am talking smoothies today, yet again. Previously I have spoken of flavours in my smoothies, different combination of flavours, and how I love to combine them together and bring some relishing concoction in one glass.. but today it’s just about colours!!


Just think about a glass of fresh, gorgeous Flamingo pink smoothie has been kept in-front of you, what will you do? Don’t go looking for what flamingo pink is!! Guys focus!! If you are a ‘pink’ lover, you know what I mean otherwise your face is just blank at the moment, so obvious!!

I love the smell of strawberry, not that it’s my very favourite, but I had a box full of them, so I just put them all in the blender to make this smoothie and Good gracious!! The colour was tempting and mouth watering. As much as I wanted to bask into the devouring colour, I also wanted to savour the drink till the last drop, I am telling you the truth here.. Okay let me tell you how I made this first:


  • Curd (If homemade, lot healthier)- 1 cup
  • Fresh Strawberry- cut into small pieces- about 8-10 strawberries
  • Oats (about 1/2 cup)
  • Few drop of Vanilla essence OR skip it // You may use a pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Dates- 2
  • Jaggery powder- 1 table spoon (as per your taste) (You may substitute it with honey)
  • Some milk, about 1/2 cup (You may also use almond milk, just blend few soaked almonds with water and your almond milk is ready)


What process?? Just blend everything in the blender or mixer grinder all together, make a fine paste, and that’s it.. pour the blend in a glass, smell.. mmmmmm.. and drink in, Too Good!!

Few Tips:

  • If you don’t have curd, you can make the smoothie entirely with milk.
  • While using dates, cut them into small pieces, you may also soak the dates in milk to soften them.
  • You may dry roast the oats if you like
  • Sweetness of the smoothie depends on your taste, you may use less jaggery, more dates or no jaggery at all.

That’s about it, Not many tips or techniques are required to make this smoothie. Just go by your instincts, believe in your taste buds and Live a healthy life.. I like this last line!! & I did drink the smoothie till it’s last drop, if you are interested..

Happy Weekend My Healthy Foodies…

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