Healthy Porridge with some Twists

If I am hungry, it’s a real problem at times. I want to eat something nice and different every time and that is the ‘problem’! I keep looking for new recipes, new ideas, inspiration to caress my orbicular tummy.. I found a video for making easy breakfast and the last recipe of that video was the one which I wanted to try NEVER!! And look at the irony, that was the recipe I ended up making that very evening!! (lesson learnt: never say Never!)

So this Coco porridge I made with some addition to the actual recipe shown on the link shared and let me share the fun tips with you:

Fun changes I Did:

  1. I added little butter and a teaspoon of honey in the pan, once it was about to boil, I added the oats and stirred for sometime to get a smokey flavour. (If you don’t want to use butter and honey in your porridge, then you may dry roast the oats before adding the milk, it tastes good)
  2. Then I added the coco powder, mixed it a bit and finally I added the milk, I wanted my oats to be a little runny, so I added more milk than oats.
  3. And added some chopped nuts at the end, it was wholesome & Heartsome.

Coffee Porridge

Then there came another evening, when my brain was buzzing with ‘coffee.. coffee.. coffee’! and my sniffer could only smell coffee all over.. Crazy these aromas drive me, but I had to do something. It’s not that I don’t like a big mug full of home made hand-beaten frothy coffee, but honestly that only tastes mighty when it’s made with generous amount of sugar, nothing can complement it.. may be to some extent a substitute like brown sugar.. But I wanted to experiment the other way.

SO I swivelled my ladle once again.. and made this Oats with coffee.

  • On a moderately heated pan, take little butter or margarine, add little honey, let them come to a slight boil and add the oats. Stir the oats, till it changes the colour a bit to a light brown.
  • Then add milk on it, coffee (quantity depends on your choice), vanilla essence, little more honey if necessary and stir till you are happy with the consistency. I prefer my porridge runny, so I use more milk.
  • Once ready add some roasted peanuts, and serve it with sliced banana and dry fruits of your choice.

Isn’t that smart for a morning haste!! One bowl of this and it will get your morning daze off and at the same time it will keep you full for sometime.. Good right?

Inspired by @TheSeriousFitness

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