My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Koh Kong- Things To Do

The small a town Koh Kong is, people here seem very peaceful, they love their leisurely time, and so is their simple, blissful life. So quite naturally it is expected that there isn’t much to do in this town but lay back for some time!! That’s in a way is correct, but the few limited activities available are surely exclusive and a sublime experience if that interests you. So better not underestimate this place.

Jungle Trek

What to do in Koh Kong:

Let’s finish with the usual ones first…

Sunset Boat Tour:

It’s for about an hour, a small boat tour during sunset and watching the sunset over the horizon on the river line upon a canvas-like unending backdrop turning ruby, orange, and purple. Beautiful eh?!


There is a beach about 15 km away from Central Koh Kong city. Koh Kong is quite big actually, there is a small island named Koh Kong which is quite famous for its exotic river bungalows on the stellar river, then there is a forest by the river Tatai, there’s so much to see in Cambodia. However this beach I’m talking about, I actually couldn’t manage to go there. You may hire a bike for yourself if you wish to go to the beach, which is the best option to commute across the town, otherwise, you may hire a Tuktuk, which isn’t highly available and will be a little expensive. (USD 20.00 minimum)

Jungle Trek:

By the time I reached Koh Kong, it was early evening, and while checking in, the receptionist helped me with the sightseeing option available, so that I could make my mind on time. At once I had chosen the Jungle trek for the day next. But unfortunately, the receptionist couldn’t arrange it for me. Don’t react!! I was lucky enough to get in touch with the right person on the right time to go for this excursion. So I made it..

The tour usually starts in the morning at around 8:30. A small boat which can accommodate about 10 people at a time sails to a distinct island (distant but a particular one) which takes about 45 minutes. It’s a secluded island, inhabited by no human being. Once docked on the bay, the 2 boatmen come guide come cook guides you for a hike to the hilltop which takes about an hour. There’s only green dense jungle at your left and right till you trek up, long steps on the narrow rough-rocky way (NOT life-threatening, nothing to worry about) , it’s overall slightly tiresome but really august like. But once reached up at the top, the view of the crystal blue river below flowing in between a cornucopia of thick bushy green; is inexplicable and intimidatingly beautiful. It’s so difficult, even to think of taking your eyes off from such sight and venture the other sides of the hilltop.

Talking about the other side, there is a fountain in the opposite direction beyond the huge boulder rocks. One can bathe in the small pond at the front of the fountain, where fresh fountain water is constantly keeping that pond crystal clear. The surrounding is very quiet only a few birds’ calls here and there and nothing else. Though feels so peaceful, for city people who are so used to alloying cacophony all the time, this quietude seems so unearthly at moments. The comfort in such cases is the co-tourists, the boatmen of course who get busy making lunch for their guests while they would enjoy these few hour-long happy exiles from the rest of the world.

We got about 3 hours’ time at the top, which was enough to enjoy a simple yet hot jungle lunch, capturing the memories, and inhaling as much of the pure place as possible in those hours.

Our lunch- Sticky rice, Barbeque chicken, blanched vegetables and Pineapple

By 3 in the afternoon it was time to head back the same way. We trekked down, took the boat. The boat stopped at a local small island village, I came close to another different life. The people at the village here spend a very tough life, then there are people who still can’t afford land, so they build their houses on the water and they are part of a small floating village and it seems to be a perilous life especially during monsoon.

We came back to the real world of well connectivity, lots of people, comparatively busy life by 5 in the evening. A co-tourist had announced as soon as we came down from the Hilltop “It seems we were barred out from the real world for days..”..

The tour cost was USD 20.00 per person with lunch and water.

*** This same tour is available with a night stay at the same island as well. In that case, the tour starts in the afternoon, reaching the island by evening. They make camp for their guests and for meal dinner and breakfast are included in this excursion. Cost USD 35.00 per person.

A minimum no. of 5-6 people are required for this tour. For the night stay they sometimes they take 2 people.

I will say, If you are fond of activity, and love trekking (I am no close to any trekker) do go on this tour, all the more if you want to come across some dramatically stunning beauty; it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Points to Note for the Jungle Trek:

  • Usually most of the hotels can arrange this tour for you, but if they are not sure, there is a BB & restaurant by the river area called ‘Ritthy’s Restaurant’ (you can find this place easily it’s close to the river area where most of the fishermen’s boats are parked), the manager can help you with the booking, he handles this tour.
  • It’s quite humid during the day; hence wear light, cotton, summer cool clothes while going for the island tour.
  • Do wear shorts if you can, as it’s the comfortable most to go for this trek
  • Don’t forget sneakers, please don’t try to take this tour with a pair of slippers
  • If you have long hair, having a hair tie in your stock is recommended during this same island tour.
  • If you want to  bathe in the pool then a towel is to be carried by You
  • This is important: The booking needs to be done a day before at least.

Few Notes on Koh Kong:

  • Bikes are available on rent here, if you want to get around, bike is the best option for this
  • Or you can hire a tuktuk, but it becomes expensive in comparison
  • Also tuktuks aren’t available in huge number.
  • This place is more to relax, people love spending long hours at eateries, chatting with their friends and families and co-tourists, so get slow here.

The simplicity of Cambodia was getting me very comfortable in its soft warmth, and I loved this place.

The Hill Top view of the Jungle Trek/ Island tour

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