My #SoloTrip to #Cambodia: A full day #Sightseeing from #SiemReap

Siem Reap is one of the major cities in Cambodia, especially very popular and widely visited by tourists. This city has many aspects, culture, history, nightlife, food, gift shopping.. you name it, it’s there, and this city is so much fun.

As #AngkorWat temple is kind of the first reference when one says Siem Reap, the city surely has some cultural and religious aspects. While I was eager to visit the #Angkor Wat temple, I also wanted to see some more temples here. So I decided for a day trip from the city and managed to see some other popular temples of Siem Reap.

  1. Angkor Wat Temple

I started the day really early, as I went for a Sunrise tour of #AngkorWat Temple. More details here..

** The entrance ticket bought for Angkor Wat Temple, gives access to the other 3 three temples as below

2. Angkor Thom/ Bayon Temple:

#AngkorWat and #AngkorThom temples are truly pronounced like twin siblings, and one may think (I had this perception at least) that both the temples exist next to each other. It’s actually a matter of 4 km distance between the two.

At the first look, it looks like tarnished bricks are inlaid pyramid formations. However it is also called the ‘smiling face’ temple, as there are about 216 huge smiling faces of Avalokiteshvara (however locals also believe him to be Buddha’s face); there are two levels of the temple, lower and upper level. From the Upper level, you can see the enormous faces built with various blocks of stones (just like you sum up a puzzle). There are also a few Hindu Gods’ statues (half destroyed) at the lower level of the temple.  

** Early morning visit is comfortable to go around the second level, as the sun gets brighter, your energy shrinks to lower!!

3. #TaProhm Temple/ #TombRaider Temple

Originally named Rajavihara, this is also called the famous Tomb Raider temple. This temple actually gained quite popularity after the movie Tomb Raider (By Angelina Jolie) was shot here.

The temple has a very intriguing charm in its rustically antique look. At the entrance, the place looks like a scattered ruin. There are small, medium, big oxide temple houses everywhere; the entire compound is surrounded by thick-long legged trees, and the trees are also alluring and mesmerizing, at sunlight the tree trunks look sparkling silvery, then there are trees grown stone-stiff from the dried moss green walls of the temples, the place is so photogenic. If not for the interest of temples or culture, do give a visit for its picture-perfect frame.

4. #BanteayKdei Temple:

This is a bit rarely visited temple in comparison to the other above; the temple has the similar construction pattern to the other three. Little away from Ta Prohm Temple, this temple is smaller in size and area than the rest. This temple is also a Buddhist temple built during the same time period as Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom.  This temple too has destroyed idols of Hindu Gods, and locals do visit this temple for worshiping purposes.

This is just one day tour from Siem Reap, there are more options available. I will talk about them on my other blogs.

DO share your comments!!

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