This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel.

Xenacious.. yearning for change.. Ohh.. it’s not only me but every living species on this planet, at this moment, is eagerly  and with all ardent heart, earnestly yearning for a C.H.A.N.G.E. Change for better days; better, fearless and fenceless days, days of more peace and more happiness, happiness of being together with loved ones and celebrating this very life..

We all know what’s happening around us, what trying tough times we are going through, how terribly anxious we all are; only one ray of sunshine is keeping us connected.. Hope. Hope to see each other very soon, hope of getting a warm unyielding hug without transcending some fatal xenitis, hope of roaming free wherever you wish, hope of breathing heedlessly. So let’s not talk about those things brooding, for few moments, we have all the resources to get worried for everything right now. Let’s just calm down for some time, few moments of solitary respite will add little more strength to your will, I hope. Shall we?


Let’s talk about what will we do when this is over.. when those good old days are back.. when there won’t be any shackle of uncertainty.. when shaking hands with a wholehearted grin will not be a taboo.. when giving a hand in need won’t be a matter of vacillation.. Let me start first..

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

I.. I want to walk around my city first.. walk around the streets with big old glamorous outlets at one-side, walk past the street shops of junk jewelleries filled with shopping enthusiasts, walk across the lanes with a boutique café or bakery at every corner, eat fuchkas (Panipuri), a lot of them with more green chillies, some with tamarind water, some with mitha pani and not forgetting the free one at the end (** It’s a special in North Kolkata). Then.. I want to resume my xenization.. travel to new places, losing myself and finding a different me each time and each day, experiencing and reciprocating xenodochy, and safekeeping them till life or pass few on maybe.

Yes, I am xenacious for all of the above and more, so many more. What are you xenacious for? Tell me.. I want to know them all.. Allll!!

** Stay safe till then, we all have to meet at the end of the bridge…

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