Love Me Back Zindagi…

This blog post is part of BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2021 for the theme Un-travel.

The proof of my very existence
In flesh, blood and heartbeat
To call me alive, 
Is my very Dear Life!! 

Dear Dear Life,

No matter whatever I do, whatever I think, what I write, you always have to be an association to it. If the food is good then ‘nothing like having good food in life!’, if I smile heartily then ‘life is so beautiful!’, if there is an achievement then ‘Life is so sorted!’.. Everything begins and end with you and you only.. Life. What not I or We do for you, try to stay happy for you, enjoy your set protocol of enjoying every moment we live; breathe fresh and bend back-forward for a healthy life, eat well for a fit life.. do this for this type of life, do that for that type of life!! Everything is for you.. Our moments, every seconds, our red-hot blood pumping heartbeat, zillion blinks of eyelids.. everything is for you..

How much attention can you seek? And how much hard-work do you want us go through to please you? Just a second, do you at all get pleased? Is ‘being pleased’ for all chances, in your dictionary? Have you looked for it? Do you know what does it mean? Do you think Human and Life is a sort of camaraderie? Do you? Then why is it that it’s only us giving everything to you? Friendship is not only about taking, it also is about giving something in return.. Don’t be a taker all the time you know?? You don’t believe me.. well I am not the only one saying this..

“The meaning of your life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.”           .. By Pablo Picasso


See, it’s not only someone nameless like me but even accomplished ones who made history so golden even thinks.. I mean thought the same. So for their sake, you can give us something in return at times! As a single and no one to mingle with, you are the first I love after my parents, cousins and niece.. For moms you are always the first one to love after their family, maid, kitchen, kids, in-laws and maybe husband, for a bachelor by all means you are his very first love before his exams and after his whole night party at friend’s place.. Seeeee… You. Are. So. Important. The Spotlight of our exultation, laugh out loud and jump in the air!

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

SO sometimes for our giving-you-everything’s sake do reciprocate please.. we love return gifts like anything.. it can be the tiniest of things as long as it’s a gift in return, it will work; though it will be at our own expense, still!! No no no.. this is not teasing you.. I am serious, ask anyone, they will have the same flat lips with a deep nod just like me.. give it a thought, you will know.. don’t over think though, you will start sulking.. Trust me, we know that feeling!!

So Zindagi.. 400 words in few.. the point is.. don’t walk ahead or behind us.. Just walk with us.. you in??

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