Travelling to #Bali, it’s everlasting Memory..

Do you love warm sunny days, breezy evenings by the beach and the touch of crumbly yet soft sand under your bare foot?

It’s not that I can’t think of any other option but only one; but maybe that’s the visual problem of beach lovers like me or it’s Only ME; any blue wavy movement somewhere, overflowing the horizon, I assume it to be a beach!!

No my brain is not that dysfunctional yet!! But I have this compulsive obsession for Sea Beaches that the presence of different green, blue and buttery sand at one place steals my heart and it remains there forever.

#Bali is one such place where a part of you always wants to live there forever. You remember every moment spent there, each scenery you have come across seems like just a few moments ago, for a long long time. Bali is powerfully charming to captivate your thoughts. And this attachment even grew more, when I headed to #Candidasa. This small village of Bali got my heart so easily and effortlessly!  But I can resonate it to you:

Let’s swear to it; Bali is one of the safest places on earth for Solo female travel. People here are very tourists friendly, helpful and lovely to speak to. Balinese are very welcoming and kind hearted; so when in Bali, do interact with the locals, you will love it, you will learn something or the other from them and you can happily laugh with them.

Bali people are fond of their tradition, culture, festivals and heritage. They worship their religion and the beliefs passed onto them by their ancestors. Their religious ceremonies are must to witness, especially the village festivals. And they do allow tourists who want to be a part of their celebration. Isn’t that beautiful!!

Above all these, the scintillating natural beauty of Bali is strongly seductive. More east bound you are more you lose yourself to Bali beauty. East Bali has exorbitant raw colour palate of nature in their exclusivity and it’s well preserved till forever.  Be it #Candidasa, #Amed, #Jasri, these towns have beaches as sparkling as gemstones. It’s so hard to look away from them, forget the word ‘ignoring’ these conjurers!!

 Not only beaches the greens have creamy soft texture that you crave for ice creams all the time (at least I did, even if it doesn’t sink in to your thought!)!! Walking up to the temples in between the voluptuous green, overlooking the dazed hills; perfectly clean bird’s eye view point, riding among farm fields seeing farmers busy harvesting or just lying lazy on the sand with chilled papaya juice listening to the waves, everything is heartily allowed in Bali.

Till I wait for my next visit, Go explore Bali…

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