Travelling to Bali on a budget- My travel tips to #Bali, Indonesia- #Solotravel to #Bali

· Blue taxi- although this is well available in Southern #Bali, it may turn out to be expensive for budget travellers.

· So the other options to travel around Bali are :

o Hire a private car/ taxi- which may cost 450K IDR or more per day in #Bali depending on where you want to go

o Or hire a bike/ Scooter which will cost appx 70K IDR per day (parking additional)

o Also bicycles are well available at a price of 25-30K IDR per day (parking fees extra)

o In #Candidasa, if you cannot ride bikes, then you can hire a #Baxi, bike taxi with a driver, but make sure to hire the same from a good and trust-able tour company. Your hotel/ resort/ home stay may help you with the same. I had taken my Baxi tours from Perama, the drives are quite professional and rates are cost effective (300K per day including parking, without entrance fees)

o Perama also has daily tours across #Bali; for 3-4 people travelling together, a private car for a day will be cost effective. however, for 1-2 pax, if you want, you can request for shared tours to Perama, depending on the availability they inform you on the same, this company is quite professional to handle foreign clients.

o You can also contact Mr. Wayan for tours and transfers who had taken me to #Bali International airport from #Candidasa.

Local food in Bali, Indonesia:

Indonesia grows enough rice every year hence their cuisine contains a lot of carbohydrate. Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), rice with Sattey (served with sweet mouth watering peanut sauce), noodles topped with half fried eggs & fish crackers, rice with chicken/ fish curry, noddle soups etc are worth a try. A decent meal will cost a minimum 35k to 50K IDR per person per meal. #Candidasa will be little expensive in comparison, may be 45k IDR per person in New Queen restaurant, otherwise, starting from 60K in other places with live music, Jazz night etc.

Even good super markets are available everywhere in #Bali, in case anyone plans to cook their own food. Also, snack lover can always search the super markets for local snack items or crispy crackers. I found some good munchies made with rice flours, peanuts and they are super tasty.

My Suggestion while travelling to Bali, Indonesia:

1. Forget those jeans, heavy clothes, this place can be enjoyed only in lose, light clothing like shorts, cotton cloths, light sneakers/ sandals. In one word carry best of #summer_cool_looks in #Bali

2. Carry a lot of sun block, sun-glass (the coloured one if you like) and umbrella (trust me it helps in the grilling afternoons)

3. Do try the local food, if you are not over-particular about the menu.

4. Always carry a bathing suit, you never know when you find a beautiful beach or a waterfalls on the way

5. Keep your camera ready all the time, as if it feels like capturing every scenery in it.

6. Carry drinking water with you while going for sightseeing

7. Holiday in #Bali is a not laid back one if you want to tour around the place, but the ‘calorie loss’ activities are worth a try at least once.

8. Majority of the population in #Bali is Hindu, hence there are many temples in every nook and corner of the island, people here are very religious and value their tradition, respects their cultural diversity ; they have ceremonies on every special occasions, hence while entering any temple or attending any such ceremony do respect their customs and beliefs.

9. Currency exchange: please exchange your currency from a good company, here the ROE is almost at par to; hence you get a good rate for currency exchange

10. Above all Bali is absolutely a safe destination for solo travellers, hence travel with a free mind (being a little cautious is never a bad idea though J), take cool dips in the water, and gorge on the local cuisine.. Happy Holiday!

Do share your travel experience once you come back from your trip to Bali, Indonesia…

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