Book Review- Unlocked

By Sonia Dogra

Courtesy @Blogchatter

What is the very first thought may come to any mind when said ‘History’? Giant Palaces, Kings and their queens, battle fields, valiant war stories, victories or defeats?

Can history also have an unknown, fascinating or outré perspective?

Sonia Dogra at her new collection of poems called ‘Unlocked’, has travelled back to ransacked past across the globe and has dug out some unrecognized untold stories from the piles of grubby history.

“Well, I’m going to rummage my pockets

to look for some stories,

Tales about noses and moustaches

and those of unparallel bravery”

Inspired by stories beyond the known books or legends, the poet has taken inspiration from various sources and has penned down 23 poems. All these poems talk about some obscure, few lethal and some absurd rigmaroles. Be slow and be patient, as the long lengths of the verses are bedecked with heavy weighted tinsel vocabulary.

“History doesn’t necessarily proceed by logic.” Following this thought there are stories like Fidel Castro’s obsession with his beard, even Genghis Khan, the ruthless Mongol leader had some secret wish in mind? What might have been the reason of his death? & What exactly happened after his death? We know the greatest warrior queen Laxmi Bai, but do we know about Azeezun Bai, the tawaif? What did she do, that history should have remembered her? How about a slave from another continent became one of the undefeatable warrior of the Indian Deccan?

There are poems talking about the possible reason of Hitler’s being the stony hitler, the cold-hearted Josef Mengele & why he lived his life in disguise? The book states various times of Indian history, talking about the 1947 partition or the brave Viranganas of the country.

Then went on to serve Guru Gobind Singh

dressed in a warrior attire

A woman of matchless valour

she was the quintessential soldier

on fire”

Intimidating and intriguing are these poems and keeps you glued to the screen till you are finished, the use of well-placed properly furnished words have made her writing eminent and really interesting. The stand-out part is, even for those non-poet people the pieces are quite involving because of the directives given before and after every poem to understand the story-line.

Poetry admirer or not, this book is worth a try for everyone. So I say, get lost somewhere in time, go awe and know the unknown.

This E-Book is available for a Free download till June 2020 here

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