Chocolate-Peanut Butter- Vanila Cheese Cake

Individually all these four elements are dotingly and intimidatingly dominating my taste and greed; and if all these can be brought together in one bowl, how can it be like?! Will too many good things spoil my dream? But.. I took this heavy risk.. How did it go? We will know!

Cream Cheese: By now you already know how to make cream cheese at home right? If No, then my previous post may help you.

Let’s get to this Cheese Cake:

  1. Better if you have a detachable cake tin, with a butter paper laid on the base and at the round wall of the cake tin.
  2. For the base, I took digestive biscuits, ground them finely on a food processor/ mixer grinder. Then I added a little coco power and margarine, which formed a small doe (not very sticky, not very oily and not crumbly as in the biscuit crumbs will fall apart), then flatten them at the tray evenly. I put the base into micro oven for about 1 minute and half and kept it aside to cool.
  3. For the Cheese cake, I added rock sugar (You may use honey) & some fresh cream (completely optional) in the home made cream cheese and blended it nicely with a spatula. (You may use a hand blender)
  4. The I put the cheese mix into Micro oven for 1 minute, took it out, gave it a nice stir, and popped it into the oven for another 1 minute.
  5. Then I divided this cheese mix into two portion.
  6. In one bowl I added few drops of Vanilla essence and mixed it well. Then poured on the biscuit base evenly and kept in the refrigerator for about an hour for it to get set a bit.
  7. In the other bowl, I added melted dark chocolate (you may use coco powder, but I wanted the glaze of the chocolate, which I could get from the chocolate bar) and crunchy peanut butter (homemade) and mixed it very well. You can also add crushed peanuts in this chocolate mix.
  8. after an hour, once the first layer was slightly set, I added the chocolate mix on it, spread the cheese mix evenly and let it set for 8 hours.
  9. As I had added fresh cream, this cheese cake turned out very soft and tender, so it took little more time to set.
  10. Be very careful while you are slicing the cake, detachable cake tin is easier in such cases, as you can see I had to struggle to bring them on plate in a proper shape.
  11. Garnish with shredded chocolate or chocolate sauce or nuts, dry fruits or don’t do anything, just dig in..

The idea of bringing my favorite ingredients together really paid me wonder, it was melting in the mouth & I will do something else with this now…

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