Book Review- Around the world.. through my lens

By Jyoti Jha

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Such a dreamy word ‘Travel’ is, it can comfort you with the ultimate bliss of life or can make you vulnerable with discontentment. For a travel fanatic, it can be both. Why am I saying all these? I am trying to warn you before you decide to read this review any further!! If you live to travel, love to travel and lust is the third adjective you use to express your travel fanaticism, this review and this book is ‘handle with care’ for you!

An instructive inscribed chaperone by the winner of TOI Write India Season 3, Jyoti Jha, the book ‘Around the world.. through my lens’ is her personal travel guide to some magnetic destinations across the globe. Her book takes the reader on an orientation tour from mountain to beach, from America to Asia, culture- history there are way too many things.

I am sure you know about Chicago, New York, London or Paris. But, have you heard of Door county? Or what do you think where ‘The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames’ would be? Apart from the highly popular tourist destinations, the author talks about some small or not so popular cities or towns among foreign tourists yet they are very popular among the locals. The book is a travel journal talking about what to see, what to do, where to eat of each city or town.

Knowing Racine among all these places have been my favourite, “A picturesque and peaceful city and the county seat in the Wisconsin state of USA”. This book tells to know a place as much as possible, explore a place till you are done. You know about Edinburgh but where is Edinburgh people should head for their fun-time? Why should one keep Leicester in their England trip? Or is it at all necessary to give a visit to Oxfordshire while going to United Kingdom? Why?

The book has answer to all these, but this book also has more. From seeing wooden shoe being made in a clog factory to knowing the streets where one can find the best shopping option, cafes, bistros or apart from from chocolate and waffle what more can Belgium offer?

Being a traveller, if something was missing for me, it was the ‘want’ for more, I wanted her narrations to go on, to tell me more about those place.

However, such books are always recommended to people who appreciates thoughtful and organised information shared impartially and precisely.

Click here to download a free copy of the book (available till June 2020)

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