Book Review- Postcards From India

BY Sinjana Ghosh

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Travelling to a place is no big deal, enjoying the place is a solace, describing the beauty of that place is words coming out of your heart and it’s completely presenting your vision of the place you visited.

But how about one fine day all these tourist destinations get their own strong voice and speak for themselves?

That is what writer Sinjana Ghosh, has tried to portray in her new book ‘Postcards from India’. Where she has given voice to few of those almost unheard towns, villages and terrains across India, and has let them avow their own glorious saga being carried silently from those old days till today.

The author has poured her love to destinations which are so-called undistinguished or hardly considered by major tourists, and she has picked few among those deviant spots, to get their own stories outspread to their unknown admirers.

Starting from the ‘Nubra’ Valley in the Himalayas who has “experienced skirmishes between India and Pakistan ever since the partition”, to the “snow-laden province” or generally known as ‘Pulga’, “a quaint little town in Himachal Pradesh” , Or “Bollywood’s best kept secret.” ‘Igatpuri’, and one of my favourite ‘Quilon’, lying by the backwaters of Kerala; this book gives you a tour of the country and shows you the places which you had jumped across during your prolonged trip to that region.

This book feels like talking of those distant lands from those ancient time’s folk-lore. I mean how many people have heard of places like Orcha, Pattadakal, Xelden or Agumbe? Sounds like some kingdom from some epic movies!! But they are so real and very much existing in our country, within the reach of our Adhaar cards and quite hassle-free in terms of connectivity. Now this also makes many of us so embarrassed that we didn’t have any idea of these places being existent till before.

A tech professional on weekdays and a self-made Travel Blogger otherwise, Sinjana Ghosh has given life to the motionless, to let their heart ennoble their true-self in her book ‘Postcards from India’. Use of simple silvery words, and being an autobiography of these voiceless beauties, this book shoots your interest up to keep reading till end.

I recommend this book to people who love to travel, who specially holds a very soft corner for ‘off-beat’ destinations and also to those who keep surfing the internet every other day for some small weekend escape ides.

Download your free copy of the book available till June 2020 here.

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