Nolen Gur Ice Cream

It’s melting and evaporating outside, but I’m enjoying small spoonfuls of my home made frozen creamy delight which is so far away from profanity. Before trying this home made easy ice-cream recipe, I did deprive myself with ice-creams for a long long time, it’s been more than a decade that my consumption of an ice-cream used to be just once a year. I am not joking!

We are surely aware of pure fruit ice cream which are amazing to have health freaks, and super easy to make at house, but an ice cream made of Liquid jaggery is one of my favourite, and it’s really needs a blunt creamy base because the magic of this ice cream is enhanced by the flavoursome taste of the jaggery.

Nolen Gur or Notun gur is the fresh & fragrant liquid jaggery of winter season, and the taste of a fine quality Nolen gur is divine and can melt the heart of the harshest person on earth! Bengal sweets made of this ‘season’s new jaggery’ during winter is very much in demand in India, anything having a dash of Nolen gur in it is divine to us.

SO making this ice-cream is super easy, no churning- no whipping, just blend LOW FAT FRESH CREAM & GOOD QUALITY LIQUID JAGGERY TOGETHER, the quantity of jaggery will absolutely be equal to you taste. though in the below video there is recommendation for using rock sugar to enhance the sweetness, I say use only the jaggery, because the taste and smell of liquid jaggery is very appeasing.

Refrigerate the ice cream for about 5-6 hours or more and you are good to go..

*** Point to mention: this Liquid jaggery needs to be stocked up in the winter, any jaggery is available during season only, hence stock up some jaggery in the coming winter and then try this recipe.

Do try and share your view.

Inspired by: @Fittuber

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