Chocolate-Peanut Butter- Vanila Cheese Cake

Individually all these four elements are dotingly and intimidatingly dominating my taste and greed; and if all these can be brought together in one bowl, how can it be like?! Will too many good things spoil my dream? But.. I took this heavy risk.. How did it go? We will know!

Cream Cheese: By now you already know how to make cream cheese at home right? If No, then my previous post may help you.

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Home Made Cheese Cake

It never came to mind that Cream Cheese could be made at home!! I keep on searching new recipes or food ideas on the internet but never had I made any effort to know about Cream cheese and here I say ‘I Love Cheese Cake’!!!

However, thanks to YouTube, for some unfamiliar telepathy they extended their understandable popularity and presented this formula to me, and I am forever grateful.

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