North Bengal Travel Blog Post: LATAGURI Part I

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Have you been to North Bengal? What comes to your mind when you hear of this place? For me, the first thing is hills, mountains and cold weather!! With all the obvious considerations, this is the weirdest thing to think of!! & you are absolutely correct to think like this of me.. but that’s what my perception is.. though I have read geography, I understand climatic effect on high altitude or on foothills.. still out of all odds, I can only think of cold weather!! This conceptual disorder won’t change in me, so let’s move on..

A long series is about to start, we planned this holiday for months, the tour was quite longer than any other local tourist going at a time to this region, and let me give the spoiler alert.. the tour went so well.. soo so well.. of course, there were few bits and pieces of glitches.. that we will cover as we proceed.. but overall it was such a happy trip.. such a pity that I never thought of going to this part of India before.. But as long as I have finally done, it’s all good.


Let’s come straight to the places we covered; the tour plan and my suggestions will be shared at the end of the series, I know I am making you wait, but trust me, you really need some destination details/ info before you choose the places to go to. So let me start with the destinations first and gradually I will share my views on all those places, what to do and etc…

Lataguri was our first stop. Lataguri is just 1.5 hour’s driving distance from NJP (New Jalpaiguri) train station. This is on plane land, so no winter till end of November to Feb or early March. There is also a station at Lataguri, however, trains stop here at odd times (however the station is quite next to the forest and very conveniently located by the properties inside the forest area or at Lataguri town. But if you really want to come via Lataguri station, then your property has to arrange some transport assistance or porter service ready for you as the station is very small and mostly used by locals, any porter service will not be available).

Apart from that Lataguri town is quite small, there are hotels available outside the jungle area as well (the forest area isn’t far away from the main town, it’s, as I said, right in the middle of the forest. But the town is safe to walk around during the day and early evening. The town is very simple, if gotten a chance, do explore the small sweet shops, they make fresh sweets, especially rasgullas, and evening snacks like samosas. They are quite good. I also tried freshly fired snacks at the roadside shops, and though they were known to me, still I found them better than what’s available in my city.. funny isn’t it.. but, these are travel excitements and it’s good to like things in a new way.. can you deny this?

I think I will repeat this many times in this entire series, so get used to it.. North Bengal tour is more than being able to describe everything in words.. it’s an experience. Because it’s all nature all around you, and to know nature, you have to be there, feel with all your senses alert, and experience those feelings of yours. Your feelings will be a lot or all different than mine or anybody else.. but it will give you something to carry with you till you want.. All these may seem quite alien-like, but you will only realize what I mean once you are in my place!

With this.. I am very sure and little nervous accordingly.. this series is going to be hell long.. better we don’t think about it, rather focus on the tour? I think that’s a better idea.. you are with me right??

DO come back.. it’s just the beginning.. there are many many things to share with you.. just be a bit patient pleaseeee… See you soon…

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