Chennai Travel Memories

Chennai is one of the four metro cities of India and it’s a Big Beaming city. My first visit to Chennai was about 6 years ago with my parents, it was actually a 2 nights extended trip over our two weeks long Kerala holiday. To tell you the truth, this extended trip was planned because my mum wanted to buy an ‘authentic’ kanjivaram saree and what best place could we vouch for apart from Chennai. So (Ladies especially for you) Tamilnadu is famous for it’s sarees, especially The Kanjivaram Sarees. So, this tour was planned only and only for generous shopping.

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EBook – On The Way.. They Gave a Hand- is NOW available on Amazon!!!

I think till last week, my excitement was dominating my mood beyond any control, all of a sudden transforming myself to an author, blowing my own blunt ‘Bhopu‘ (horn) to the world as loudly as possible, hammering everyone’s memory with my book release and forcefully insisting them not to forget it at all; even chivvying my friends to read them and share their honest feedback!! I have been a living nightmare in some’s life for about a month!!

But when I am complaining on myself out of an innocent’s guilt, my pear group however is being really kind consoling, ‘It’s part of the journey’.. Indeed it was part of the job of wishing to become a Self-Published Author. I had to do all these, at times I was jumping low, and then I was jumping over the walls.. But what came out of all these, was the camaraderie that my fellow bloggers formed and taught me. This post is about many of those things and many of those people.

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Healthy Sweet and Salty Cheese Cake

How amazing does it feel when your vision turns into fruition just the way you wanted?? I was really looking forward to this dessert to look just the way I was expecting. And you know what, there was hardly any hassle preparing this cheese cake!! Doesn’t that feel great? I really wanted to keep the salty component of the cheese cake, in my dessert, and I won’t hide the fact that I was little nervous with the possible result. But things did work and in a good way.. at least for Me..

I am saying this because My Mum just doesn’t want to agree to the fact that a dessert can taste little salty or tangy at times; for her a dessert can only taste Sweet otherwise how can that be a ‘dessert’! Like sugary sweet!! Is it with you as well? Or do you really think a blend of opposite tastes do work if chosen carefully?

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Book Review- Food Technology

By Shivaranjini Anandan

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Food is meant to be chewed, enjoyed, savoured and gulped down for our regular nourishment.. Now, what can technology may have anything to do with it? But if given a logical thought, in the era of a tech driven world, where we are almost immovable without an interference of science in our lives, how come our edibles won’t have an aspect with technology??

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Healthy Chicken Biryani

Biryani is my lustful repose, there was a time (which is long or very long back) when I used to have only and only biryani on Sundays. This is somewhere in the mid 90s, I was in primary school and online food app wasn’t in existence, & fine dining restaurants, well! whichever were there, they were out of reach for any middle-class family. But still, my father used to manage to get a box of biryani from a nearby and quite popular at that time, ‘Fast-Food’ joint.

Later, as my Biryani craving was growing like a whale, my mother took control and started preparing it in the house, in a lot simpler way of course. But that simpler biryani took over my life and my mum’s biryani is still the best for me.

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