Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part I

  1. Do you like it? Travelling alone?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. How does it feel?
  4. You really go? How do you go?

Though I do want to tell all those people that ‘Hey I haven’t come from 2120, I belong to your time!’.. But I actually step back and think for a while. Because I know what do they mean. I keep getting questions like these and many weirder ones from.. let’s say ‘various’ people, aaand I used to feel like a swagger ‘yay baby.. I do solo-travelling.. I am cool you see!!’

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Healthy Sooji Halwa

Weekends are my #FoodPost time. But the next 4 weekly food posts starting from this Saturday will be slightly special. I am featuring my Healthy Food Posts on Blogchatter’s October fest. As per a typical Indian tradition any good work should start with mithai (Sweet), so I decided to start this fest with a dessert recipe.

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My Friend Alexa 2020- Theme

Well it’s actually not a theme reveal post… more than ‘Follow The Trend’, it’s a #LetsCopyOthers for a matter of fact post!! Or may be, another genuine reason is that I didn’t want to start a destination post this week being October will be busy with Alexa, also I couldn’t think of anything else to write for the week and I have Half a theme ready for #MyThoughtAlexa. If this ‘Half’ theme is displacing your thick-thin well-shaped eye-brows a bit downwards.. well you have to wait for a little while, I have something else to say (write if you are getting into minute detail!) before this. So straighten up those eye-brows first!!

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Healthy Soya Chunk Pulao

One Pot Rice is never ever a bad idea for a fulfilling meal for a non-passionate cook like me. Minimum ingredients, time saving, easy to handle and appeasing taste buds followed by a well-fed tummy. Variety of menu is something I am always looking for; but I will only try those which are super easy and hassle free to make (expecting there are more such people exist!!).

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The Traveller I am— When it started?


‘About my dream!! Rest of the answers will be easy.. I know my hobbies.. but dream? What is my dream? What is it that I can call to be MY dream?’ As I was listening to my colleagues answering one after another, I was getting lost in my thoughts in between as I didn’t know what to say about my dream!!

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