North Bengal Travel Blog Post: Darjeeling Part I- Is it worth Visiting??

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Last  and final stop.. oo we have come to the end of this trip!! It always gives me pain to say this.. but anyway.. Last and final stop of this trip was this place.. Darjeeling.. Darjeeling… I heard varied opinions before touching this place, everyone had different things to say. “It’s very crowded!”, “It doesn’t have that same old charm, you know!!”, “Too many people!!!”, “Too much touristy!!!!” “oh, the view of Kanchenjunga!!!!!” !!!

SO Should you or should you not come here is the question!? You are thinking? People say this same thing about Paris, London..haven’t you heard? .. do people stop going to these cities?? No.. right? It’s the same about this small hill station as well, popular since British era.. Darjeeling has its own charm and it will never lose it.. there’s still a bit of old-time magic, lot modernized with time of course, very much keeping up with the today’s ‘touristic trends’, those old restaurants still glowing to their charm and fame.. mountain chalets.. it’s a wonderful place to be.. it’s joyful to roam around the streets. I went with my parents if you remember, so they had been here about 30 years back.. they were giving me a picture of how things were then, what has changed.. and you listen to that nostalgia, trying to visualize that time.. it’s interesting..

Yes, there are hell lot of things to do and see in Darjeeling.. but if you are someone like me.. get on into your sneakers, gear up with your jacket, woollen cap, mufflers and just explore the streets of Darjeeling. From Mall to Chowk Bazaar, just take a road and keep walking.. the shops, cafes, natural beauty, people or just get lost in your own thoughts.. everything seems fine here even in the mid of the mounting crowd as the day passes by.. point, I couldn’t stop loving the place.. love is the word..

Things to do in Darjeeling

Sightseeing in Darjeeling.. we will come to that in my next post.. apart from walking around (which you can do for the entire day), what else can you do??


Eat!! Explore those famous-since-year __ restaurants like Keventers, Kunga, Fiesta, Glenary’s.. then there are new cafes all across.. after sunset, there are long street food corners around Mall area (one starts from Mall towards Ramada Hotel & the other from Mall to the way to the stables).. then there are small local food joints.. the list is long and heavy and so mouth-watering..

Keventers is so popular for breakfast time, apart from their huge breakfast platters, this place gives mind blowing view of Kanchenjunga.. of course, if the weather is bright blue and sunny, otherwise enjoy your sausages, hot chocolates or Darjeeling tea.. Keventers do not serve dinner though, same is with Kunga.. they are closed by 6 pm.

Fiesta is.. overlooking the mall, people, holiday vibe and good warm food.. what else do you ask?

Glenary’s has it’s own bakery (quite expensive in terms of variety and taste if you ask me) and a restaurant crossing over the bakery. & this place is always crowded.

One evening you should dedicate to the street food corners.. noodles, momos, baos and so many mouth-watering munchies are available..  I just loved this place.. for so many food options.. though I went with my ‘guardians’, who love food.. their ‘comfort food’.. but I still managed to have local soup noodles, momo, hakka noodles, cappuccino (how else do you enjoy cold without some hot chocolate or coffee!!) Be hungry as ever when you are here.. Eat it Out!!


 It’s altogether a subject.. do you understand? Where do you want to shop? I can give you places and places and more places..

SO let’s start with the places in your close proximity.. Mall!! Starting from Ramada area or more precisely, from keventers towards mall, there are plenty of shops lined up, then from there once you reach mall, then at your left there is Mall market. Crossing the mall come towards Mahakal Mandir, you have a market there.  Then there are shops from Mall to the right, towards the stable.. BY THE WAY.. wherever you go, you have to do a bit of bargaining.. otherwise, you will lose all your money..

There are more places to shop.. I am giving you options.. It’s alright.. I know, I am just a kind person you see, I give it all.. so there is Chowk Bazaar, the street going down from Keventers for about 20 minutes, there you find Chowk Bazaar (it’s famous for cheap buying). Then towards the train station, there is one ‘Jai Complex’ and there are quite a few options around that area.

There are also few local hidden restaurants inside this area.. maybe give them a try!!

So.. point is.. believe in your ‘feet’ when in here.. and this place won’t disappoint you..

Mornings, afternoons, evenings are all different here.. different times of the day have different vibes here.. Ooo and don’t forget to buy the famous Darjeeling tea.. everyone spends on Tea here.. there are ample of shops to buy tea from..

All I remember the most from Darjeeling is, roaming around the streets, finding different shades of nature, enjoying my time, my walk, my coffees.. Can’t wait to go back again..

You don’t go yet.. I have few other things to share on Darjeeling.. in the coming weeks.. be right back..

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