Easy Mexican Rice

Call it Mexican or Spanish, I found this Tomato Rice recipe quite famous in both these countries. Now of-course there are different variations available to make this One Pot Rice. But as usually I always lean towards the easy and manageable-with-minimal -ingredients recipes. But before I tell you much about this recipe, let me tell you an interesting thing…

You see that chocolaty dollop of thing beside the rice? You know what it is? It’s a simpler version of sticky-honey chicken.. I know what you are thinking? There’s Mexican Rice at one side, and it’s being complemented with a Chinese dish? What’s wrong with me?

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Another Easy One-Pot Chicken Rice

These days even my Youtube search engine knows before-head of my supposed-to-be ‘key’ search words and for which on the home page they keep some or the other One-Pot rice recipes ready to reduce my hassle. Wish everything in life would have like this no?

No that’s very gross.. I see you are nodding and you are correct. What’s life if not shed those self-produced blood-sweat and tears? Are we on track now? Let’s come straight to the point and we are talking Another Easy One-pot Chicken Rice recipe today…

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One pot Chicken Rice

Easy One Pot recipes are my anytime favourite, especially if it’s with minimalist of ingredients and the cooking requires less of whisking, grinding and mixing! The easier the method, happier my lazy heart becomes..

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Healthy Paneer Butter Masala

Hand-made Roti/ or Indian Flat bread is kind of a compulsion for me than a proclivity during dinner. It only becomes a preference when a bowl of drooling and appealing (this is very important) curry is served along the plate which is as eager to jump inside my shark mouth! However, my mum at times (these days almost most of the times) gives up to my irrational demand and points her finger to the kitchen!

‘Surprise me my Girl!’ says she with a translucent wily smile on her dazzling face! & how can I, being Her daughter put her down!

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Healthy Iced Mocha

The aroma of strong & bitter coffee always takes me to some unknown world of haze and food lullaby. Coffee is one of my favourite ingredients; we all know chocolate & coffee has its own cuddly love, but what happens when few drops of unalloyed French vanilla get in between them??

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