Another Easy One-Pot Chicken Rice

These days even my Youtube search engine knows before-head of my supposed-to-be ‘key’ search words and for which on the home page they keep some or the other One-Pot rice recipes ready to reduce my hassle. Wish everything in life would have like this no?

No that’s very gross.. I see you are nodding and you are correct. What’s life if not shed those self-produced blood-sweat and tears? Are we on track now? Let’s come straight to the point and we are talking Another Easy One-pot Chicken Rice recipe today…

So this recipe I found was the easiest so far, easy and nose dropping tasty.. Nose dropping because of the aroma it had, you would surely want get a whiff of the dish many times before finally tasting it, savouring each spoonful slowly, till all your gustatory cells are enhanced with ambrosial flavours. I am not being a bit swanky guys, this recipe turned out to be so good even I thought it would be bland before cooking.

I changed a lot of things, here are the DETAILS:

  1. I marinated the chicken with pepper, salt, Italian mixed spice and a bit of oregano. (and I used chicken with bones, I feel the bones always adds extra flavour)
  2. I used regular rice which we use at home and soaked the rice in water for about 30 minutes.
  3. At first, I added little olive oil in the pan and let the chicken cook.
  4. Once done, I removed the chicken, and on the same pot, I added whole black pepper, bay leaf, star Annies on the pot. Then I added finely chopped onions, carrots, capsicum in the oil and I also added little oregano on them. Cooked them for some time.
  5. Once the onion was about to be slightly translucent, I added the rice (after draining the water of course). After cooking for 2-3 minutes, it was time for the water.
  6. So I had used 2 cups of rice, for water I used, 2 cups of water + 1 cup of milk. I, then added little more salt, pepper, Italian mixed spice and some dried parsley (you can use a fresh one if you have), gave them a good stir. Then keeping the heat low I covered the pan or pot whatever you are using. Waited for 20 minutes. ( I didn’t put it inside the micro oven)
  7. And Done.

There was hardly any complication making this meal but it came out drooling, a perfect whole-hearted meal for those lazy afternoons…

DO try and share your feedback with me…

Inspired by @CookingWithHoney

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