Book Review- The Cheeseburst Arranged Marriage

By Prisha Lalwani

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Cheeseburst!! Isn’t that supposed to do something with Pizza or Italian cuisine? And what can Indian wedding have anything to do with Cheese? Until it’s Paneer we are talking!! I know I’m supposed to talk about a book and here I’m talking about food! But look at Book title first guys.. You see it starts with ‘Cheeseburst’!! What are you expecting me to start this post with?!

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No, no, no.. there’s no way I’m arguing with you, how can I afford that! Let’s come back to some valid points. So a book on Typical Indian Arrange marriage with oodles of cheese on it! The storyline talks about a girl, who came back to his hometown during Diwali, and her parents found a suitable groom from her. Meeting the ‘might become her groom’ she or Ira was taken aback by this man’s sleazy sense of impressing her. However, they both end up getting engaged, now whether they fall in love with each other or what may have happened? Actually, that’s useless to write because the book talks about marriage, so obviously, they did get married! Ture you.. So, the story talks about the journey in between their engagement and marriage. Was Ira convinced to marry this man, did her perception on him changed at all and this and that..

"But she forgot she's getting married to this guy with like cheeseburst one liners.

"Areey Areey aaram se. Girna hai to meri side aake Giro… Kam se kam tumhe uthane ka mauka to milega" (Oh, Oh be careful… fall over on this side if you have to, at least I will get an opportunity to pick you up)

‘He is sooo cheesy’, she thought to herself. She found her balance, gave him a real hard nasty stare, and smiled. He didn’t flinch, he looked at her confidently, he knew what he was doing, but she? She could use some help."

A ‘Mummasaurus’ (says the author!) of ‘twinadoes’, an author & an established blogger Prisha Lalwani has written about her own marriage story but characterized the bride-groom with imaginary names, i.e. Ira & Manav.

The flow of the story has been quite smooth and witty, while Ira’s irritation will make you snigger, Manav’s character initially will drop your jaw at times or bring your brows together. The story will take you a decade back, to an era of growing technology and a generation still not social media fanatic like today. So, take your time to grab the plot.

What I missed was, more conversation between the couple, like the author, didn’t explain what were the questions Ira asked Manav on their first meeting and how did Manav answer, I think that unanswered session will keep the readers curious throughout. Also In place of Ira & Manav, ‘I & Him’ could have been more interesting.

On a whole, a sweet – uncomplicated with a sprinkle of ‘Imli ki chutney’ this book is, I recommend this book to everyone who are very curious and dubious, about arrange marriage and who just loves to read stories, especially real-life stories.

Download a free copy of the book available till June 2020 here.

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