One pot Chicken Rice

Easy One Pot recipes are my anytime favourite, especially if it’s with minimalist of ingredients and the cooking requires less of whisking, grinding and mixing! The easier the method, happier my lazy heart becomes..

This One-pot recipe came along absolutely perfect and was full of flavours. Both the rice & chicken were cooked juicy and tender and nothing could be better than a guilt-free wholesome relishing meal.

Changes I made as per my convenience:

  1. Chicken first: I used chicken with the bone to get some additional goodness in the dish.
  2. I used everything, to marinate the chicken as mentioned in the video except the Turmeric and Chilli powder. I also added a bit of crushed black pepper into the marinate.
  3. After shallow frying the chicken, I added a whole cinnamon stick, 2 cloves, 2 cardamoms, and 4 black pepper with a bay leaf into the pan before adding the onions on the remaining oil.
  4. I also added garlic paste along with the ginger paste on the onion.
  5. I used normal rice in place of Basmati rice
  6. I didn’t have coconut milk, So I used plain water, the number of cups of rice + 1 extra cup of water. (I think a chicken stock or vegetable stock will also be great here)
  7. 20 minutes was enough for the rice to cook. Basmati rice will take lesser time.

Inspired by @BanglarRannaghar

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