On The Way.. They Gave a Hand– Journey so far

I was so eager.. Actually ‘eager’ is quite underrated.. My anxiousness was bubbling till the ceiling… Initially, more than acknowledgement, all I wished was, a good number of download and people to read my book ‘On The Way.. They Gave a Hand’ more. The whole-soul purpose was to connect with the readers and taking them back to their old travel memories. To help them remember those unusual moments, may be smile a bit on them or may be being thankful to those Khatta-Mitha incidents!!

But, when the first review came, I will be completely honest with you, I became a greedy wolf and really looked forward to more reactions. And it truly felt mesmerising, when I got to connect with my readers exactly the way I was looking forward to. I was very scared though; what if people swish their cursor right, ignoring my book thinking it to be another main stream travel book (Not that I am cynical, one of my fellow blogger got immense appreciation for her travel book and it’s one of my favourites)!!

But I survived that fear… Are you thinking what’s the point of writing all these??! Okay.. Let’s just share few reviews of my book by some fellow bloggers and you will know why such overwhelming emotions!!

A Blogger, Author, Content writer by herself, and surely a multi tasker, Jyoti Jha, who also wrote her book on Travel genre this year; wrote the above brilliant words for me. You can read her entire review here.

An IT Professional, passionate Blogger and a beautiful mom of two candy flosses, Abha Mondal wrote those words of fulfillment for my book. Her full Book Review here.

An intelligent fiction writer, Blogger Chainmayee Gayatree Sahu kept her heart in the form of sinuous words as the Book review. To read her full review, click here.

I know, you already have read so much, but there’s still little more to share with you. This book in few ways, helped me to come out of my single-minded comfort zones, and do things which so far, I very arrogantly used to ignore. I did a LIVE Instagram session with my fellow blogger Jyoti Jha, and spoke so much. But what I loved about that session was, other fellow bloggers, friends came along and so spontaneously they were communicating. Connecting with people without seeing them, hearing them is supposed to be the toughest job, and of course the feeling was so satisfying, I wasn’t even able to sleep that night out of joy, I was revisiting those moments again and again that night and perhaps the day after as well.

I also faced the camera in a way which I am still so uncomfortable with. I had to record few videos for Blogger, Author & Vlogger Rashi Roy, who runs her show on Youtube @RazzmatazzWithRashi, and she wanted to interview fellow bloggers and I registered myself (I know, ‘For what?’ you myst be thinking right?). For many moment I cursed myself, as I deleted about 20 videos before finally sending them to her, I was exhausted at myself until the interview was finally out and people started appreciating it.. Don’t doubt a bit, I am always honest with you…


So far, doing better.. I will keep rest of the words for my next post… And lastly, if you still haven’t got a FREE copy of my book, let me tell you, it’s only few more days that you get it for free, so get it NOW & Happy reading, Let’s look deep inside the Pensieve…

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