How does it feel to receive compliments? Happy, appreciative, high-spirited or just simply GOOD! And how does it feel to hear the buoyant shout-outs by others for your own creation? Exemplary and ticklish inside the tummy!! Emotions! They give aberrant feelings to the mind, what say?

But when a part of your mind and heart comes together to give life to your well tended thought, it’s attainment. Adding to it, the desire for some humble acknowledgement for the same attained work is prospective expectation. And when finally there are generously purveyed supportive acclamation to that very same creation, it’s all perplexed scatty feelings which disarm you to regard those barmy army with the correct expression of lexis.. Bizarre is that, isn’t it!!

I can only ask you here, that have you or do you also stumble to express yourself when it comes to conveying your gratitude to your well-wishers? I do.. BIG time.. I mean really very BIG time!!! I got so over-impressed with the reaction of the readers of my very first book ‘On The Way.. They Gave a Hand’, that I couldn’t name my exact emotion; I was almost knocked to six to reciprocate to their humble gesture. In that case I could think of only one way to do it, to embellish their words on my post and keep them treasured forever. Good thinking in my opinion, I hope you nodding to it!

Getting feedback, comments on my book on social media platform is one thing, but when people started bringing my book as reference or started recommending on social media, that was way too overwhelming, in a very good way.

Here are few comments shared by fellow bloggers:

Then I have few amazing friends who adore me incessantly, but to mention about them mostly stay a little distance away if it comes to devouring on characters or symbols!! Not funny, I’m serious… Nonetheless, still some of them did manage to take the pain of going through the pages and leave their opinion on the book. Phew.. It’s mostly their reaction which made me anxious.

If you still haven’t got a copy of On The Way.. They Gave a Hand, and still contemplating.. I think I can assure you to get one. Actually there’s a better option if you are a KU (Kindle Unlimited) member, you can have it for free then!! I hope we can make a deal!

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