E-Book Release- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

And I am excited, I am beatific but I am way too hysterical since morning.. It’s time to tell you that it’s very much alive now.. My E-BOOK has released today and out there standing straight, bright and big at the palace court of #Blogchatter.

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Revealing Book Cover- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

Hey You Amazing Reader..

How’s this Sunday treating you so far? Usually Sunday evening is the time I go to some silently inside-my-brain wailing mode, being the weekend is getting over, being another weekday is just few hours away and being the chilling holiday time is bidding Adios.. And this is no recent event, I have been doing this since childhood!! Yes, it’s a gone case, I know!!

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My First E-BOOK launch

Hello, My Dear Friend…

How have you been? How are you spending your time in the maze of those colourful brick walls?

I know we all are going through a tough and trying time and we are gagged inside our house like that little blue bird in her cage!! But Hey!! We are Human & we can handle everything, Right??

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