How does it feel to receive compliments? Happy, appreciative, high-spirited or just simply GOOD! And how does it feel to hear the buoyant shout-outs by others for your own creation? Exemplary and ticklish inside the tummy!! Emotions! They give aberrant feelings to the mind, what say?

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EBook – On The Way.. They Gave a Hand- is NOW available on Amazon!!!

I think till last week, my excitement was dominating my mood beyond any control, all of a sudden transforming myself to an author, blowing my own blunt ‘Bhopu‘ (horn) to the world as loudly as possible, hammering everyone’s memory with my book release and forcefully insisting them not to forget it at all; even chivvying my friends to read them and share their honest feedback!! I have been a living nightmare in some’s life for about a month!!

But when I am complaining on myself out of an innocent’s guilt, my pear group however is being really kind consoling, ‘It’s part of the journey’.. Indeed it was part of the job of wishing to become a Self-Published Author. I had to do all these, at times I was jumping low, and then I was jumping over the walls.. But what came out of all these, was the camaraderie that my fellow bloggers formed and taught me. This post is about many of those things and many of those people.

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On The Way.. They Gave a Hand– Journey so far

I was so eager.. Actually ‘eager’ is quite underrated.. My anxiousness was bubbling till the ceiling… Initially, more than acknowledgement, all I wished was, a good number of download and people to read my book ‘On The Way.. They Gave a Hand’ more. The whole-soul purpose was to connect with the readers and taking them back to their old travel memories. To help them remember those unusual moments, may be smile a bit on them or may be being thankful to those Khatta-Mitha incidents!!

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E-Book Release- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

And I am excited, I am beatific but I am way too hysterical since morning.. It’s time to tell you that it’s very much alive now.. My E-BOOK has released today and out there standing straight, bright and big at the palace court of #Blogchatter.

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Revealing Book Cover- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

Hey You Amazing Reader..

How’s this Sunday treating you so far? Usually Sunday evening is the time I go to some silently inside-my-brain wailing mode, being the weekend is getting over, being another weekday is just few hours away and being the chilling holiday time is bidding Adios.. And this is no recent event, I have been doing this since childhood!! Yes, it’s a gone case, I know!!

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