EBook – On The Way.. They Gave a Hand- is NOW available on Amazon!!!

I think till last week, my excitement was dominating my mood beyond any control, all of a sudden transforming myself to an author, blowing my own blunt ‘Bhopu‘ (horn) to the world as loudly as possible, hammering everyone’s memory with my book release and forcefully insisting them not to forget it at all; even chivvying my friends to read them and share their honest feedback!! I have been a living nightmare in some’s life for about a month!!

But when I am complaining on myself out of an innocent’s guilt, my pear group however is being really kind consoling, ‘It’s part of the journey’.. Indeed it was part of the job of wishing to become a Self-Published Author. I had to do all these, at times I was jumping low, and then I was jumping over the walls.. But what came out of all these, was the camaraderie that my fellow bloggers formed and taught me. This post is about many of those things and many of those people.

While a fair number of people downloaded my E-book when available on Blogchatter, a bigger number of people were holding their support through out, which included my Buddies, Friends, Families and Fellow Bloggers from Blogchatter. It always feels great to get comment like ‘Proud of you’ from your closed ones, isn’t it? So after June, the contemplation was ‘Now what?? Either this is the end, or let’s give another jump and cross some border!!’ Going by it, I decided with the later; I took some time, re-edited my book whatever little it was required and headed for Amazon.com.. Your guess is right, I published my E-Book, On The way.. They Gave a Hand on Amazon.com finally.

There was a huge support and tons of suggestions, advises to consider while preparing the book for a world wide publishing. It’s actually not that easy, when bringing your work on a bigger and popular platform, you are holding a lot of responsibility then, it should be flawless as close as possible. And that took my nerves, left me shaky and I was really scared at one point.

But it’s all done, and curtains raised, it’s Showtime.. It’s time for evaluation.. Will you be with me in this? You can anytime grab a copy of my book on Amazon, but what I will ask from you is, your honest and straight from the heart comments after reading the book. I guess that’s not a lot? Just think you have the freedom to share your true thought, how many times have you got that?? So it’s a Grab & Give policy I am letting you catch.. Don’t miss it…

There’s MORE to tell You…

I had some Amazing experiences in this journey so far, starting with some Book Reviews by fellow Blogger Ladies like, Jyoti Jha, Abha Mondal, Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu & Sinjana Ghosh. Do give a quick look at their posts writing about my book. They have been so kind not only to read my book, but spare some time to write about their feelings and keep them alive on their blogs.

There was also an interview by Rashi Roy on her YouTube Channel, Oo That was something I tell you. After deciding to go for it and getting dressed to shoot my videos, I wasn’t sure of my hair!! I never am sure about my hair anyway, but that day I was going bonkers!!! My messy bun either was getting messier or it was getting too tight on my pawpaw like face!! Does that happen with you, or it’s just me? Then I was fumbling, blithering my usual before getting something close to ‘OKAY’ videos. ‘What was the need then?’ you may ask, but I really wanted to come out of my uneasiness with the camera. Though I’m still not sure if I have been successful in it!

Interview By Rashi Roy

But the hilarious one, was the Interview with Ravish Mani, so thoughtful and headstrong were his questions, I just squashed them with mitts. I just couldn’t be grave serious with him. I wonder whether he will ever consider interviewing me in future if given a chance!! Here is that Interview for you.

Ravish did insist for my travel pictures and I couldn’t say NO!!

So once again.. As I am very good at Knocking, then at knocking back.. My E-Book, One The Way.. They Gave a Hand is Now Published on Amazon.com, DO grab your copy and share a review at Amazon or Goodreads.com. Stay Happy.. & Happy Reading… & Thank you for your love and support..

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